1. Hurleyburly

    Power loss '91 3-FE

    Well, I tried to revive the thread below and nobody bit, so maybe a new one will grab a few bites ha. After searching and reading a bunch of threads I found this thread that describes my issue to a T. Weird intermittent power loss ...but nobody ever posted a fix. I'm including the video...
  2. M

    Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms - My experience

    Hey gang, its funny that prior to these hot temps there was not a lot to be found on here for the issue i was having leading up to what ultimately left me on the side of the road. I wanted to share my experience of the symptoms my 2007 Land Cruiser was showing and what I did to address it and...
  3. Jay470

    Difficult problem - looking for expert advice.

    I have an odd and seemingly unresolved problem... no matter what I've tried. First things first... I have an FSM, I have used all of my Google superpowers, replacement parts are all OEM (even the replacement tubes, lines, sensors, etc) and now I'm asking for help. The problem: I have a 96...
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