1. D


    Hey guys, I’m wanting to replace the old sub tank gauge in my 1995 1FZFE with a new modern gauge incorporated into my overhead console. My question is that does anyone here have a wiring diagram or any other info on what sub tank gauge wires Lead to where? cheers.
  2. SOAZtim

    For Sale  HZJ105 Aux Tank/Sub Tank $400

    SOLD This is a subtank from a 105 with straps which is related to the 80 series you could say. Can be used on an 80 series like George did. Here is some info on this model tank from his website: "The 105 subtank appears to be slightly larger. The 105 is advertised to be 65 liters (approx...
  3. shoresoccer13

    SOLD  SOLD 80 series altimeter/subtank overhead guage $175 MO

    I have for sale an extra overhead console piece for a sub tank install. It is grey in color. I will sell for 175 shipped in the continental US. If you are close by and want to do local pickup that can be arranged as well. I leave for 2 weeks on the 15th of July and will not be able to check...
  4. Seth_O

    Where can I get a dual tank filler neck?

    Ive had 3 deals fall apart, and no love (response) from the only importer I know of: @Akella Anyone have any leads (new or used) or can help with a PN as I search the interwebs?
  5. G

    Rough value of a Subtank "kit"

    Hi all, trying to get an idea of a deal or not. What would it roughly be worth to find a subtank kit with the tank, dual filler neck, interior bits, wiring harness, hoses, pump, etc., basically everything you need to install the subtank. Thanks in advance. (and please don't say "it's worth...
  6. vonstanger

    For Sale  FZJ80 Subtank and accessories in San Francisco California

    Up for sale is a 'subtank', or auxiliary fuel tank, for a Land Cruiser FZJ80 with most of the major OEM Toyota components to do the conversion. Here is what is included: - 13.2 gallon petrol tank with both mounting brackets brackets, fuel gauge sending unit, and transfer tube. These are used. -...
  7. Scottbonnar

    Subtank sender Resistance

    Hi, Does anyone know what the resistance is for the subtank sender. diesel. Wanting to put a vdo fuel gauge as a subtank gauge replacement and just need to know if i will be able to make it work. Thanks
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