1. Rimmeh

    Bracket Function

    Wrapping up a clutch replacement and wondering the purpose of a really stout triangular sheet metal bracket between the transmission and the exhaust pipe. The transmission side picks up the two large drivers side bolts attaching transmission to the block and the exhaust pipe end picks up a clamp...
  2. C

    craigslist 1967 Toyota Stout

    Came across this during my usual 100/80 search. Not mine. 1967 Toyota Stout
  3. Turkeypen

    For Sale 67 Stout, on consignment at Trollhole's Cruisers, Greer, SC

    I have my 67 Stout on consignment at Trollhole's Cruisers in Greer, SC, and I am ready to sell. Price is $12,000.00. Marshall, owner of Trollholes, has full authority to cut a deal and sell. Marshall was able to fix a number of mechanical issues that I had no idea how to resolve and it is...
  4. Yellow Jacket

    craigslist 65 Stout in Boise

    Not mine. Hope a mudder gets it. $700!!!! 65 Toyota Stout
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