1. DoubleNickels

    Transfer Case / Transmission Spacer - Dimensions Please!

    The shop troll (or some other nefarious being) seems to have eaten a rather critical part. There is a spacer I need that goes between the 4-speed transmission and the transfer case... it's no longer available from Toyota. This one, in green: I guess Toyota calls it a "stopper", part number...
  2. kaneenak

    Wanted  1972 FJ40 Carb Parts (USA-NC)

    We are trying to locate a couple replacement parts for our 1972 FJ40 as part of our carburetor rebuild. 1. We damaged the "discharge weight stopper" while removing it. 2. The "screen" was apparently missing. We have found the parts here but they are not available: Search by Part Number 042-27...
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