1. 80 Sack

    St Anthony Sand Dunes May 6th - 7th

    All right folks. It's time to head to the dunes. This is the official club run. We will have a bunch of 406 Cruiser flags and whips, the weather will be sunny and in the 70's, and this will be one of the most fun driving experiences you'll have driving a truck! Most stock and built rigs will do...
  2. E

    97 CE spotted in St Pete, FL

    Anyone on here? Nice looking truck.
  3. S

    For Sale  275 70 18 Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX

    Qty 4 275 70 18 Cooper Discover STMAXX tires. 2 have 12/32nds, and 2 have 14/32nds of tread all 4 are worn pretty evenly with no major cuts or chunking in the tread. Manufactured the first week of 2016. These are 265 a tire new on amazon, I would like $400 for the set, but I am open to offers...
  4. beachmike58

    Free Cobra 29 WX NW ST

    Cobra 29 WX NW ST Cable and mount Wilson 5000 In Oceanside
  5. jaymar

    Quality Aftermarket Carpet?

    Cruising online and through the archives turned up the options below. Wondering if anyone has experience with these or others? Also, would you recommend any kind of backing? What about backing if it's going in over Dynamat? Thanks for any help! 91-97 Toyota Land Cruiser Carpet Complete Kit 80...
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