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  1. MobiusRising

    Builds  BJ73 for Pan American Highway (Alaska to Argentina)

    Hi All, Planning a PAH trip later this year (starting in fall) and looking to pick up an older Land Cruiser for the trip. Was thinking about a BJ73 (w/ 197K miles & the 3.4L diesel) and wanted to get the communities input - would you recommend this 2-door for the trip in terms of overall...
  2. B

    Best vehicle to drive to Tierra del Fuego

    Hi all, Not sure which forum to post this in, so I'm just jumping in here. Just joined. I'm looking for a vehicle to drive from Michigan to Rio de Janeiro via Tierra del Fuego. I'd like to be able to go into reasonably rugged areas along the way, but I'm not very young anymore so I'm probably...
  3. Sunnybrook

    BJ 40 Toyota Land Cruiser from Costa Rica? Good Idea?

    I've heard South American BJ 40's aren't very good. Is this true?
  4. Coolfishluke

    Extended road trip parts list - 3FE

    My question for all you FJ80 & 3FE enthusiasts is, what would you include in a must have spare parts kit in your rig, thinking extended road trip around USA and down through South America? What are the showstopper components that I should have on hand?
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