1. joker77535

    FPR sliding window

    I have a 1988 bj74 it is a RHD Japanese spec. My problem is the metal frames around my rear windows on the FPR top are rusted thru from life on the islands. I've been looking everywhere for replacements with no luck. Can someone help me either in figuring a way to repair the frames or if there...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Rear Window Vents (go behind sliding window on car side)

    SoCal Each side $55 + shipping at cost. Paypal OK if you add the 2.5% fee or send as gift. Sliding windows also available $45 each, complete

    SOR Rear Cargo Sliding Windows (Gen 2) Reviews?

    Wondering if anyone has direct experience with these sliding windows for 60 series. I've personally seen a 60 that has the first generation they offered. IMHO they seemed clunky and poorly designed (they were undersized and used rivets). These appear to be a 'new and improved' option: Page...
  4. Douglas S

    Wanted  80-Series RHS Rear Sliding Window - Canada

    Hello, Looking for a right hand side rear sliding window from an 80-Series. Would ideally like something located in Canada to save on currency conversion and shipping. Thanks, Doug
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