1. stock

    FREE  Round side view mirrors. Free

    A pair of side view mirrors from my 40 that are left over. This is for the mirrors, no arms included, but you can get those anywhere. They are free, you pay postage. Or if you are in Philadelphia, I can leave them for you at my business, Philadelphia Salvage and you can pick them up.
  2. W

    FJ Cruiser sideview mirrors on an FJ60/62

    Has anyone heard of this mod before? Anyone ever done it?
  3. W

    1990 FJ62 Driver sideview power mirror

    Does anyone know where I can find a driver sideview POWER mirror for my 1990 FJ62? Some douchebag smashed mine and I'm having a bitch of a time finding a new one. TIA.
  4. LXstatic

    Indicator Sideview Mirrors

    Anyone experienced with these: Lexus LX470 signal side mirror cover pair/gift/puddle light | eBay I really like the indicator mirrors with puddle lights on my wife's 4runner and ran across these yesterday...
  5. bmorgan

    New fix for shaky sideview mirrors - picture heavy

    Hey everyone. I've waiting a few months to make this post - to see how my shaky mirror fix worked. Turns out not so well, but I think there is hope. There is still stuff called Bondic. It's like $25 or so on Amazon. If you've been to the dentist in the past 10 years and they put that blue...
  6. BillZ260

    4Runner Rearview's on a 100?

    Just something I've been wondering. I used to drive an '03 4Runner and loved the large rear-view mirrors on it, or the side-veiw's on the doors more specifically :) These on my new '02 LX seem tiny to me, yes they drop for reverse (driver side at least) but they are still small I feel. The...
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