1. NeverGiveUpYota

    Knuckle Shims

    I know this has been gone over a multitude of times but here I go... Passenger side had a thick and thin on the top and a thick on the bottom. Driver side had none on top and three thick on the bottom. I’ve got the SST tool (@reevesci, via @Jaric00n) but I let anxiety get the best of me...
  2. W

    Discontinued valve shims

    I tried to go order valve shims at my local dealer, and they're discontinued. I'm not looking for extreme performance like Scottryana's shimless buckets, and although a few others have had good luck with Home I would rather not wait/pay for shipping from australia. I've also looked for nissan...
  3. kellervernon

    Shims and knuckle preload.

    using the sst tool I end up with a negative number for my bottom shim -- pulling 10 pounds of preload to adjust for what will be probably 33's I get a total 2.20 mm of shim thickness for my total shim thickness, a difference of 2.20mm between my scribed lines (measurement D). My bottom shim...
  4. LittleRedWgon

    Torque numbers for Suspension

    Hey gang....Just installed an entire new SOR Heavy Duty Suspension 3" Lift Kit on my 85 Fj60. I added the Skid plates, they seem pretty burly..hope that they do well. Read some old reviews about it after the if they suck, I am gonna change to the Bolt flip kit from 4+plus. Cleaned...
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