sector shaft

  1. yosshaa

    For Sale Steering box core no sector shaft

    Steering box out of my 1997 Landcruiser fj80 Rather deal local so I don't have to ship (phoenix area, arizona) Got power steering box all parts cleaned and ready to be painted and rebuilt, sector shaft is broken and shouldn't be used. Make me an offer I don't have any ambitious to rebuilt it...
  2. yosshaa

    To Those That Twister Sector Shafts

    To Those That Twister Sector Shafts... were you able to reuse your pitman arm? Is it a case by case basis or is there a hard and fast rule to never reuse? Could save me some time of trying to get the damn thing off if its junk anyways. This isn't mine but is pretty close to the degree of bends I...
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