safari rack

  1. Stahler61

    For Sale  FJ60 SURCO Safari Rack

    Surco rack with hardware - very worn, but in great shape. Has rain gutter mounting hardware. Don't need all the rack space and looking at replacing with low-pro crossbars. $300 obo. Happy to talk trades. I need grey interior parts (driver's seat, dash, console, cargo area carpet, to name a few)...
  2. Jim Tate

    Wanted  Looking for arb winch bumper, sliders rack etc for 80

    I live in redding Ca and am looking for a used (on a tight budget) arb winch bumper, sliders, roof rack, etc for building my 1993 fzj80 My number is 53O 6O4 659I Thanks, Jim
  3. GhostriderMW

    Jerry / Water can holder for safari rack

    Hey all- Can someone please recommend a good, high-quality holder for jerry and water cans which can be mounted to a safari rack? I have a 1990 FJ62 Land Cruiser, but without a can storage on my custom bumper, unfortunately. Here's one I found, I'm just not sure it's any good, or if it will...
  4. Wookie95

    Wanted  1st Gen Hilux truck bed rack

    have a 82' hilux truck bed trailer. Looking for a hoop style safari rack for my RTT. And ideas and or suggestions are welcome. If I can't find one close I will have to fab one. Located in CA 805-270-0199
  5. LittleRedWgon

    FJ60 Bull Bar/Bumper/Rack questions

    Hey gang...looking for everyones input on the options for front & rear bumpers as well as safari racks.... I know there is ARB, Trail Tailor..but looking for a good suggestion or a good thread to follow. Having a tough time finding threads on each.. Any help would rock...or just a slap in the...
  6. Milpool

    Best Roof Storage Options

    Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster here. Im just looking to get my girlfriend a safari rack for her birthday in May. Done a little bit of research already about whats out there for the 60 series I was just looking for some input to see what everyone else is running on their rig and...
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