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  1. 100landcruiser

    Quarter panel/under door repair

    Hey i own a 2000 LC. The piece above the running boards is all bubbled rusted and wondering best option about fixing it. Should I take it to a body shop and spend all the money to get new piece welded on. Or should I strip the paint sand it down and spray a bed Liner paint or a rustproof paint?
  2. Cliffordbf

    LX running boards...anyone?

    I have a 2008 LX and just pulled the running boards in preparation of LCDC but I’m contemplating cutting them for sliders. Does anyone need a set of running boards? I’m in Denver/Ouray for the weekend and live in Tulsa. I’m going to get on the list for a set of Slee sliders. First round of...
  3. Options20002001

    For Sale  San Diego: '97 LX Running Boards

    Hey guys I'm selling the running boards off my '97 LX. Putting sliders on so these need to come off. They have some scratches which you can see in the pictures and have the use you'd expect from a 22 year old vehicle with 235k miles but they still look great and perfect for anyone that wants the...

    For Sale  Gen 3 4R RUNNING BOARDS

    Gen 3 4R running boards. Make an offer. They are taking up space. Local only.
  5. blahblahblah

    SOLD  1997 FZJ80 running boards, NorCal

    Come take them before I sawzall them into pieces small enough to fit into my trash bin. Great shape. End caps included. Not interested in shipping.
  6. G

    100 series fender removal.

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to remove the fender on my 99 lc and I’m stuck as to how to remove this piece on the running boards. It’s hiding the last two bolts to get this fender off. Thanks!
  7. TheBog

    For Sale  LX470 (06) Running Boards in CO Springs - $100

    Great shape + straight, off a black 06 LX470 that lived in California its whole life. I'd like them gone, make me an offer.
  8. B

    For Sale  OEM Running Boards 2006 LX470 Sand Dollar Pearl

    Have OEM running boards off a 2006 LX 470. Very good condition, all LED's work.
  9. Trailguy

    For Sale  2005 LX470 Running Boards

    Used running boards from a 2005 LX470. Located in Irving TX. (Dallas Co.). $100 Please PM me if interested
  10. tampacruiser95

    SOLD  Springfield, OH 200 series running boards

    These are takeoffs from my 200 series. They are in great shape, pickup only.
  11. B

    For Sale  2006 LX470 stock Sand dollar pearl side steps

    I have two (driver and passenger side) OEM running boards, if anyone is interested, shoot me an offer. Thanks
  12. jdcascio1

    For Sale  LX470 front/rear bumper covers/running boards (NC)

    Both covers (skins only) pulled off a 1998 LX470 at about 150k miles. Fair condition. No cracks in plastic, paint is decent. Drivers side mud flap on the rear bumper has missing mounting bolts, but otherwise good shape. Runnings boards off same vehicle. Front bumper: $75 + shipping if...
  13. Dtnkc

    FREE  Free 1997 Fzj80 running boards

    I removed my set of running boards off my 97 fzj80 and don't want to store them in my garage. This is my first cruiser and new to Mudd. In a perfect world I could get a set of front mud flaps in exchange for the running boards. They have a small amount of rust as seen in the pics. I'm in...
  14. ClayGrizzly

    FOR SALE - 100 Series Grey Running Boards - $150

    Hey all, Just removed a pair of very clean 100 Series ('02) Running Boards. If anyone is in the market for I can meet up locally, send photos of them, or coordinate pick-up. These are in great condition, standard grey colors, and all pieces to replace OEM fresh would cost over $500. Asking...
  15. Swampfox58

    04 Running Boards

    I have an 04 Limited and I can't get the foot lights on the passenger side to work. I've replaced the bulbs and checked the connection underneath, all seems to be good. Any suggestions? Is there a fuse I'm missing?
  16. Nathan King

    Parting Out  1996 Cruiser Running Boards for Sale

    I have a set of running boards in good shape off my 1996 Land Cruiser. Make me an offer and you pay actual shipping cost. I will ship them right away. Thanks.
  17. ljoem

    For Sale  FJ60/FJ62 Aluminum Runningboards, $150, AZ

    Aluminum running boards in great shape! The grip tape is old and starting to come off, but after almost 30 years, it happens. $150 plus shipping from AZ
  18. T

    For Sale  2005 Lx470 Running Boards U.S./Texas

    2005 Lx470 Running Boards, Sand Dollar Pearl. Lights work fine. No use in my shed. Previous owner (from brand new - present) never took this rig off-road; used to haul is grandkids around then put in the garage. Seen for $400-$500 on Ebay but I feel that's really high, maybe not. $250 plus...
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Running Board Rubber step runners and end pieces - both sides

    SoCal Shipping extra Running board rubber (the rubber part you step on) (Black) that runs length of running board $20 per side Running Board end caps (called running board seals or whatever you want to call them $20 to $35 each. Running Board metal supports $16 each Please send personal...
  20. K

    Wanted  HDJ81 Running Boards

    Folks, I'm looking for some OEM running boards for an HDJ81, best condition I can find. I'm sure many of y'all are running sliders -- if you'd be willing to part with your running boards, please let me know. Looking for shipped to / or pickup in Central Texas. Thanks!
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