1. 84runner

    For Sale 80 ring and pinion stock - r&p fzj80 lx450 Central Coast CA

    Moved up to 5.29 r&p on my 96 lx450 with about 210k miles. I had bought the rig from an elderly couple that were the original owners, and it was in stock condition when bought. So most likely "easy" miles. $40 each set plus shipping or make me an offer Arroyo Grande, CA
  2. S

    How to evaluate condition of R&P?

    After my rear diff warms up, when I coast on the highway, it gets quite loud. I have ordered a rebuild kit (including pinion & carrier bearings). After taking it apart, how can I evaluate the condition of the R&P? I'd hate to do all that work and then put it together and find out that R&P were...
  3. mcguirejohnson

    Wanted 4.10 front R&P fzj80

    Looking for a good used low mileage front Ring & pinion out of an fzj80. Thanks
  4. mcguirejohnson

    Wanted Ignore

    Looking for a good used stock set of 4.11 gears for an 80 series front axle
  5. 4xsteve

    For Sale OEM 4.10 gears

    I have a few used 4.10 ring and pinion sets I no longer need. I have at least two front sets from the 80 high-pinions, and I think two sets of rear Toyota V6 8", possibly three. $100 per set including shipping in the lower 48 from the Seattle, WA area.
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