1. B

    For Sale  Roll bar OEM good conditon with pads

    Minor surface rust. No chips or cracks. Pads in good shape. All the hardware for attaching the arms included. Hard to find oem in this condition. I bought in error since I have long jumpseats that wont fit with this NA spec roll bar. $850 obo.
  2. Overlander78

    For Sale  78' rollcage

    78' FJ40 rollcage for sale. Was custom fabricated, asking 150. Local pickup only, won't fit on pallet. Live an hour west of Indy.
  3. Ehhpic

    Removing Rollcage FJ40 '71

    Hello all, I have use the search function. I can say I probably spent about two hours looking for this answer before finally I threw my hands up and now I appeal to you guys to maybe help me out. I'm trying to remove the roll cage so I can install the soft top frame and bows. I have removed...
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