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  1. J

    Repair Manual [2000] question

    Hello, I have purchased Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 [what I thought was a complete set] of the original 2000 LC repair manual. Maybe I am missing something, but Vol. 2 does not seem to be complete. Should contain: Body, Chassis, Body, Electrical as stated on the cover. Though the index lists all...
  2. H

    Rough shifting on automatic transmission (A343F)

    Hi! My KDJ95L has an A343F automatic transmission. The transmission has very rough/hard shifting between gears. I notice this when accelerating, and especially when using the cruise control. It seems like it is not able to sync the rpm correct. Anyone have any ideas? I have also found this...
  3. 60wgnadvntrs

    88 fj62 Repair Manual

    I Have a beautiful, blue 62. It runs like a top, has a leak or two here and there, but overall the best running vehicle I've owned and I want to keep it that way. I have plans this summer to rebuild the knuckles, do brakes, shocks, and possibly springs. What is the best Total Car Care repair...
  4. mike

    For Sale repair manual supplement for chassis & body

    This repair manual suits the following land cruisers models RJ70, LJ7_, FJ6_, BJ6_, HJ6_, This manual is in good condition $75
  5. mike

    For Sale Landcruiser engine repair manual for 1PZ,1HZ,1HD-T

    I have the following engine repair manual available for sale. Suits the following land cruiser engines 1PZ,1HZ,1HD-T. Its in good condition $150
  6. mike

    For Sale Shop Repair Manual For Chassis & Body

    I have the Toyota Landcruiser factory oem Chassis & Body repair shop manual in new condition for sale. It includes sections on Clutch, Transmission, Transfercase, Propeller Shaft, Front Axel& Suspension, Rear Axel & Suspension, Steering, Brake, Front Winch, Frame, Body, Body Electrical and SST...
  7. T

    For Sale 95 Land Cruiser Official Repair Manual

    An official Toyota 95 Land Cruiser Repair Manual for sale. Excellent condition, hardly used (but VERY helpful when was used) $75 OBO (+shipping) for more information
  8. creehad

    For Sale 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual - TX

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual -Used but in good condition. -All pages accounted for, none torn or ripped. -Located in Amarillo, TX 79119 -Local pickup or happily shipped $125
  9. creehad

    For Sale 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual - TX

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual -Little wear on the cover, overall good condition. No missing pages. Location: Amarillo, Texas USA $150
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