1. Cartertsp

    Can't find a place to finish '76 FJ40 restoration (Phoenix, ARIZONA)

    Long story short: Purchased the FJ40 over a year ago. I'm 22 and have invested 1500 hours, and 15k+ in brand new oem parts, restoration tools, etc... Took it apart after driving it twice thinking i could restore it quickly. Took longer than expected. Was working on it outside my parent's house...
  2. S

    Rent a new vdj76 for $10/day.

    Just thought I would post this up in case anyone has time to jump on this whether you're in Aussie or abroad. 4WD Campervan Hire - $10 per day 4WD campervan hire | Britz It's a relocation special. They need the vehicles moved from Melbourne where they're built to their other locations. I...
  3. B

    54 mm Socket, breaker bar and C-clip

    Hey guys! I was wondering if one of you would be able to rent me a 54 mm socket and breaker bar? for taking off the locking nuts within my 1982 bj60 front hub! also if anyone has any extra snap clips (to keep my axle in my birfield joint) I'd be happy to buy them off you! preferably by March...
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