rear jump seats

  1. Merman26

    Wanted 74 FJ40 Rear Jump Seats

    Looking for rear jump seats. Thank you.
  2. Merman26

    Wanted 74 FJ40 Rear Jump Seats

    Looking for rear jump seats. Thank you.
  3. Indygbd

    For Sale Pre 74 rear jump seats

    These are original rear jump seats I removed from a 1972 fj40 I purchased. One is in good condition the other is in good condition however 2 of the bolt flanges need repaired. See photos. They are original and 45 years old. 300.00 for the pair.
  4. NYIronPig

    For Sale Long Rear Jump Seats

    I am selling a very nice set of 1972 FJ40 Long Rear Jump Seats in great condition. They are truly gorgeous and is a must-have for the person doing a resto. No rust, upholstery in great shape, original and hard to find this nice! $500 - Located in NY and would prefer not to ship. I also have the...
  5. Jason Reed

    Wanted FJ40 Long Rear Jump Seats

    Looking for a pair of the Long Rear Jump Seats for my 1966 Restoration project. Just need solid frames. Foam and covers don't matter. No roll bar installed. Preferably here in California. If not, I can pay shipping as well. Jason-
  6. tls3601

    '78 Rear jump seats color question.................

    Refurbing some interior items and was wondering if the leg portion that flips down on my jump seats should be grey in color? They are black now but I am not quite sure that is the color they were when new. This is the hoop shaped flip down piece-essentially the legs for these seats. Anyone...
  7. NYIronPig

    Wanted FJ40 Rear Jump Seats

    Looking for a narrow pair that will work with the roll bar installed. Let me know if nyone has a set of seats or a good set of frames.
  8. K

    Wanted FJ40 Rear Jump Seat (Short)

    I put in a pair of rear jump seats from a 78 FJ40 in my 68 as I needed the smaller seats due to the roll-bar cage. One of them broke. Looking for one seat, but also happy to buy a pair
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