rear differential

  1. J

    69 FJ40 Rear Carrier Swap

    Hello All, Thank you in advance for any help with this!! I have a 1969 FJ40. I believe it was built in July of 69. I'm doing a full restoration on it. I'm currently rebuilding the front and rear axles. When I pulled the rear axle carrier assy out one of the bearings just fell off. I tried a...
  2. Lion2008

    200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser Rear Axle Breather

    While removing some surface rust from my 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser rear axle. I noticed that the rear axle breather was clogged (See picture). I read that this can cause differential seals leaks. I am in the Chicago area so I guess the salty roads during the winter it is the cause. I added a...
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