1. S

    SOLD  $700 FJ80 30 spline 4340 RCVs BRAND NEW

    Brand new still in the box, even has the RCV grease tube. These are the chromoly NOT the 300m RCVs. They are these exact ones: Land Cruiser Ultimate 30 Spline 4340 Chromoly Birfield and Axle Set Asking $700 +shipping. Never used or even mocked up. Bought them a few months ago but have decided...
  2. Stumpalama

    FJ40 Full Floater Axle Build (IH8C-CLIPS)

    Well, it didn't take me long to break both stock rear axle shafts after moving up to 37" PBR's. It's now time to get rid of those c-clips forever and move up to a full floater with chromoly axle shafts. This thread will detail the process for converting an FJ40 axle to a full floater using...
  3. imhighlander

    FZJ80 front axle options: Nitro, RCV?

    Hey all, I searched around a bit and found an old thread comparing Longfields to Nitros (got some helpful info), but I'm looking for more recent info and a comparison of Nitros to RCVs, both in chromoly applications. For those with experience rebuilding front axles on the FZJ80 I'm collecting...
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