1. dodored

    FJ Cruiser visual upgrade

    Just bought a 2007 FJ and found that the stock aluminum wheels had the chrome peeling off of them due to corrosion. I looked at getting TRD wheels off a Tacoma, but found that the price and offset differences made them unattractive to me. So I decided to sandblast the chrome off the wheels and...
  2. HitTheDirt

    For Sale  FJ60 Frame, perfect condition, new powdercoat

    I have an FJ60 frame that I was planning on swapping into my current rig, but I changed plans to buying another 60 and selling off the frame. I am asking what I have into it - $1200. It had zero rust when I got it and still most of the factory coating, but I had it blasted and powdercoated...
  3. MScruiser

    Builds  My 1978 Nut and Bolt Frame Off Restoration

    Since I was a kid, I had always been in love with the original Toyota Landcruiser body style; I always said I would get one when I was older. Several years ago, my dream came true; I found one out in Los Angeles, and flew out there with my very supportive wife to pick it up. We drove it across...
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