1. GTSSportCoupe

    PerfExpert - poor man's dyno

    Thought I'd try out a poor man's dyno. :) Home - PerfExpert Did a bunch of research on smart phone accelerator based power estimators. PerfExpert seemed to have the highest reviews for realistic results (when used properly). I went for it and installed it on my Android phone. I also have a...
  2. N

    Gas Smell, Poor MPG

    Guys, Need a little help diagnosing an issue with my 87 4runner. Thread showing the truck is here 1987 4runner, Project Midlife Crisis Last few tanks through the truck I've noticed poor MPG, 12-13, and a strong odor of gas when the tank is near full in the area near the gas fill. I'm...
  3. maujkar

    LC200 BajaRack : Long Term Review

    After much pondering , I thought of sharing this with the fellow mudders. I purchased two Bajaracks back in July-2013 (me+friend) and at that time, the Baja folks were very considerate to fabricate it with low profile legs (so we could fit it inside our garages) and added a few tabs, front ...
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