oem rims

  1. HitTheDirt

    For Sale  2001 LC 16" OEM Rims, set of 5, no tires in Colorado Springs

    They are in good shape, I'll posts some pics when I get a chance. Have boxes and can ship UPS. $600 OBO
  2. Bawa

    For Sale  LX570 OEM rims Bridgestone Blizzaks with TPMS sensors and hubcaps.

    For Sale - 4 2008 LX570 OEM rims and tires with hub caps and TPMS sensors - 285/50/R20. The rims have 4 Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires mounted with maybe one season left. All rims are perfected balanced and in excellent cosmetic condition. Selling as I have moved to BFG KO2s and don't need...
  3. popstar

    Wanted  96-97 Land Cruiser 16 x 8 Alloy wheels OEM

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for one (1) FZJ80 Toyota LandCruiser (not Lexus LX450) alloy wheel that accepts the flat lug nuts. 96-97 wheels. Finish on the wheel can be poor since it's getting powder-coated. Please PM me with what you have and the price. The wheel that I'm looking for are like...
  4. koxfarm

    Hubcap clips and rims :repost:

    :repost: clips; hubcap, 100% oem clone. Made of 95 high carbon spring steel, annealed and cad plated. US orders, soon available from @Racer65. $12ea including M6 round head solid steel rivet (Din660) so you can replace your broken clips or add new clips to your split rim. Rims / hubcap ready...
  5. troxymyfoxy

    Wanted  FJ40 OEM rims with clips

    Looking for two OEM rims w/clips. I currently have three of them but would like two more to complete the set. Thanks.
  6. snr

    For Sale  5 OEM Rims from 2013 LC

    I am selling the 5 original rims from my 2013 LC. They have normal wear/scratches but nothing major. I would like to get $150 (not including shipping) a rim and sell all 5 together ($750 total). I am willing to ship and included photos of the packing the rims will come in. I am located in...
  7. ritlax49

    For Sale  80 series spare tire

    $100 oem spare or 91-92 15" rim Baltimore, MD Pm if interested
  8. ritlax49

    For Sale  80 series spare tire

    $100 oem spare or 91-92 15" rim Baltimore, MD Pm if interested
  9. doanlaw

    For Sale  2003 stock Land Cruiser rims for sale

    Set of 4 in great shape, I replace these with my stock rims off my 11 cruiser which were replaced by method forged Bead lockers. These wheels are forged and are lighter than all the aftermarket wheels if anyone is debating on replacing their stock wheels, unless you're going to a forged...
  10. S

    Will +60 offset work in 18" rims work for TLC?

    Looking at a CL posting with 18" Toyota OEM 18X8 5X150 bolt pattern rims. I love the color (metallic gray) it has but something caught my eye. The posting says it has +60 offset. Does that +60 offset work for a 2000 TLC? Can an offset be changed? The wheel I am looking at: ALY75156 Toyota...
  11. Jdc1

    Builds  Removing SBC conversion, going back to Toyota. 1972 Frame Off

    I just picked up this 1972 40 from WV. Took a chance and it turned out pretty clean. Going to be removing the SBC and going back to stock F engine. I have a running engine sitting in my 73 that needs a complete frame off that I will borrow as this will be quicker to put on the road. Tonight...
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