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  1. enriquelaija

    New Leather in Steering Wheel ...... again (With Pictures)

    A few days ago I tried to install a new leather on my steering wheel and I was able to do it, several defects in the final product, but the main one that make me do it all over again was the color, it was too light and I wanted some brown darker. I have found my first piece of leather here in...
  2. enriquelaija

    New Leather in Steering Wheel

    Hi, I am not sure if someone has tried before, but I am planning on adding new leather to my steering wheel, I have seen some videos in you tube instructing how to sew, so I am going to give it a try. I already remove the old leather that was all full of holes and the good thing is that the...
  3. kelly saad

    New leather upholstery.

    Just got my new leather. I ordered two tone that matches the rest of the interior, and perforated inserts. I like it. My pics don't show the correct colors, but it looks extremely close in person. for about $1100 for the front 2 rows. I also bought an extra yard of each color to...
  4. jwilliams

    Land Cruiser Heaven leather video review

    Finally getting around to posting a review! Frank (@FloridaFJ80) from was great to work with and will answer all of your questions. I am very happy with the quality of the leather, stitching and fitment over the new Toyota seat bottom and back foam. I also had...
  5. SoCalJB

    For Sale  Metric TLC Gray Leather Seat Covers

    I am selling my brand-new never installed or used front leather seat covers I purchased from Shane at Metric TLC. These fit 1996-1997 Toyota FJ80's and Lexus FZJ80's original stock seats. I was going to put FZJ80 seats in my FJ62, but I am instead going to use different seats and I do not need...
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