1. S

    For Sale  SOLD 1984 FJ60. Hattiesburg, Mississippi lots of pics

    1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser - $11,750.00 OBO, Hattiesburg, MS - motivated to sell I have all the receipts from myself and previous owner. Happy to post more pics. Happy to entertain an offer. Contact me @ jchristianschloegel@gmail.com or through PM. - 2F 6...
  2. F

    For Sale  04 LC 97k miles $14k at ford dealer in Mississippi

    Another sub 100k mile LC. 2 owner with 2 accidents per carfax, one minor. Might be a good deal for someone. Used 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser (White SUV) | Serving Memphis TN, Olive Branch & Southhaven Mississippi | Country Ford
  3. wngrog

    Builds  The Warthog - 1977/73 combo

    The project formerly knows as Parts-o-Pig I bought a 1977 Pig that has been sitting up in a barn since 2006. The PO bought it from a guy that was paying someone to "restore" it and had taken all of the body parts off and was about to start on the main body when he gave up on the project...
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