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  1. nickoooch

    Cost to replace LX470 hydraulic suspension with something custom

    Looking into purchasing my first 470, although the suspension may need to be replaced in the near future. What should I budget to remove the hydraulic suspension and replace with something like an Old Man Emu (or something comparable) kit?
  2. E

    AHC Help PNW area

    Hello anyone who lives in Seattle area know of any shop that has successfully diagnosed and worked on AHC? It was working fine although it rode pretty rough but cycled through L, N, H easily. I bled and changed the fluid and replaced the globes but now It’s gone into limp mode and is stuck in L...
  3. slippas

    Starting upgrades on my 100 series

    Alright guys! ive saved up some money, looked around and talked to specialists, but not its time for me to come and ask guidance from the real heavy hitters of any aftermarket car community... the forum gurus. I have a 1999 LX470 with about 200k miles and stock suspension system. I have been...
  4. urist

    Intro & AHC Question

    Intro Hey folks. Long time lurker and recent purchaser of an '03 LX 470 in great condition. Rides incredibly well, handles well, and powertrain is in fantastic shape (surprise?). I can actually still pull 17 MPG on the interstate...no cruise control, of course. :^) As far as the dealer knew...
  5. M

    A Few Questions Before I Buy

    I looked at a 2006 LX470 today with 140k miles, 2 owners. I've been researching and checked the main items (timing, leaks, rust, brake pump). However, there were a few things that threw me off and kept me from pulling the trigger. 1. While testing the transfer case, the shifter was somewhat...
  6. luckylx

    Help: AT OIL TEMP ISSUE - LX470

    AT OIL TEMP ISSUE: LX470 I just purchased a very clean 2005 LX470 from the Lexus dealer in Henderson NV. 105k miles, 1 owner, seems to drive great. I was very excited …. However, there’s an ongoing issue with the AT oil temp. Backstory: I flew to Vegas to purchase. On my first attempt to...
  7. A

    For Sale  Columbia, SC: '05 LX470

    Hello Everyone, No affiliation. Thought I'd post for anyone looking. Under 190K miles. Undercarriage looks pretty good. Love the Slee sliders, 2.5" lift and BFGs. One incident noted on AutoCheck, so please do your due diligence. Not sure about "overland ready," but negotiate a little...
  8. J

    For Sale  WNY Lexus LX470

    I am looking to sell my 2004 STOCK UNMOLESTED LX470 with 214,000 miles on the clock. I've tried several times to sell it on here to no avail....as they say third time is the charm. I bought the vehicle from a gentleman in Michigan who purchased it from an older gentleman in southern Indiana...
  9. D

    Really want to add stereo controls to my 02 LX470

    Hi All, After spending a good chunk of time trying to find a thread that already has this documented, I think no one has attempted this(? Or maybe I don't know how to look for the right threads). I really want to (just for fun) want to have the steering wheel controls for my stereo in my 02...
  10. P

    For Sale  Los Angeles 2002 LX 470 148,000 Miles, 2” Lift

    Hey all - long time lurker posting my truck here so that it hopefully goes to someone deserving. I’m copying the CL post below for ease of use. Asking $17,000, which is basically $1k less than the purchase price and what I’ve put into it. This model is in great shape with low mileage...
  11. Denver87

    1999 LX - Did I pay too much?

    PURCHASE PRICE: 8000CDN\6350USD for a rusty (weirdly the body is worse than the undercarridge) 280KM\173k MILES local (Alberta, Canada) Hundy. Factory Electric Rear Locker. Near everything works, because the column and cruise are broken. Clean bill of health mechanically/all fluids...
  12. D

    2002 lx470 Head unit completely dead. Help!?

    Hi Everyone, My head unit completely went dark after my plugged my car charger in the cigarette lighter unit. (The car still ran with no lights on the dash) On parking the car I also realized the key fob remote was not working either. Got home checked the fuses and surely the fuses for Radio...
  13. C

    Fj40 Drivetrain swap from Lx470

    I have a 1964 Fj40 that I am retromodding to be a rock crawling rig. I bought a running 1999 lx470 to flip for a profit, but ended up considering the idea of swapping that drivetrain(Engine, transmission, transfer case, and rear axle) into the fj40. The original plan was to swap a Cummins R2.8...
  14. aedgington

    SOLD  Houston, TX - 2002 LX470 - 167K mi - rust free - mint Carfax

    Time for me to finally admit the kids don't want to go camping/hang out with dad anymore. I'm the second owner, since 2006. Carfax shows multiple owners but that's because my ex-wife got in in the divorce and I bought it back from her a couple of years after that. Texas truck it's whole life and...
  15. J

    SOLD  NC: 4-16” LX470 OEM Wheels

    4 OEM LX470 wheels in very good condition with 265/75R16 Michelin Defender LTX with lots of life. Located in Charlotte, NC. Prefer local pickup but open to ship if you arrange. Asking $250
  16. m3ezus

    For Sale  Schaumburg Illinois 1999 lx470 299k miles tons of maintenance $6400

    1999 Lexus lx470 Toyota Land Cruiser - cars & trucks - by owner -... - https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/d/hanover-park-1999-lexus-lx470-toyota/7292932714.html need to sell my lx470 ASAP. I got a letter from my village saying I’m not allowed to park on the street anymore and I don’t have...
  17. qwertyisdead

    For Sale  SC - SCS F5 5x150 Beadlock Conversion

    Brand new still in box. These have never had tires mounted on them. I ordered these back in November and got them last week. They are sitting in the box they came in and it has only been opened to make sure the wheels were awesome. They are for a 100 series Toyota Landcruiser or anything that...
  18. denverj86

    Wanted  LX470 Floor Mats - Ivory or Gray

    Located in Denver, but also willing to pay for shipping. My 05 LX didn’t come with any of the OEM carpet mats, and I specifically need the cargo mat in either color - will take a full set of either though.
  19. MTL2020

    2002 LX470 Navigation upgrade/replacement

    Hello all. I'm getting ready to purchase a 2002 LX470. Love everything about the truck except the navigation/radio. Is there a way to remove the navigation and install a standard non-nav system? I'd like to install a google play system, but can't find any that are compatible with the...
  20. iSpearfish

    Driving with a Broken Front Differential 2001 LX 470

    Hey IH8mud. First post here so I hope I got it in the right section. I'm on the road with limited time to search old forums so I figured I'd post my question here if ya'll got any advice to give. I'll keep it as short as possible. Got my first LX470 a month ago. A 2001 great condition. Driving...
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