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  1. wonka3

    SOLD  Memphis Tn: 1999 Lexus LX470

    For sale: An amazing 1999 Lexus LX470. I have owned this car for 5 years and absolutely loved it, but all good things must come to an end, and I don’t need an SUV any longer. The leather is all intact, no rips or tears. It has never had an engine issue. The current floorboards are Weathertech...
  2. J

    Wanted  OEM in bumper tow hitch for 2004 lx470 or other tow hitch (Sacramento/SF Bay area)

    Hello, I am looking for an in bumper hitch receiver (part 51990-60010). I ordered one and it is delayed/not arriving in time. Would be also interested in another hitch receiver if anyone has one for sale in the Davis/Sacramento area. Hoping to set up before a camping trip this weekend so its...
  3. tzyz

    Home made lx470 AHC over ride

    So I finally bought a 2005 LX470, really wanted a land cruiser but they are a lot more expensive. Anyway, I didn't want the AHC suspension but now that I have the LX I want a way to keep in in High if I want to. Researched and all I found was a Slee over ride switch which they no longer make. I...
  4. Box Rocket

    Blackhawk Control Arms - Free Shipping through 7/4/20

    Mill Creek Overland is offering free shipping on Blackhawk Upper Control arms leading up to the 4th of July. Would be a great time to grab some. 100 Series UCAs https://millcreekoverland.com/products/view/1063684 200 Series UCAs https://millcreekoverland.com/products/view/1063683 120...
  5. J

    For Sale  San Diego- LX470 Wheels & tires, GX470 Wheels

    Selling set of 4 wheels and 5 tires of a Lexus LX470. Tires are almost new, 99% thread left, Yokohama Geolander A/T - 275/70/R16 size. $375 OBO Also have a GX470 Wheel set 17”, wheels in good condition, may have small scratches. (Only wheels available, no tires). $195 OBO Also have some...
  6. LXJake93

    LX470 Motor Oil, tune-ups..

    Hello again Recently purchased my first LX/LC ever. Not a certified mechanic but I know how to perform certain things like oil changes and fluid flushes. Car runs great, due now for oil change and I want to get spark plugs and air filters done too but don't want to spend $100+ if I can do that...
  7. MFMCygnus

    Mystery oil leak coming from rear

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2006 LX470 and walking to my car this morning I saw a small puddle of oil behind the right rear wheel. Upon closer inspection the leak seems to originate from 2 pipes directly behind the wheel. Am I right in thinking these are the infamous ac lines leaking? Haven’t seen the...
  8. T

    For Sale  Houston: Brush Guard for Toyota Land Cruiser 1998-2007

    Go Rhino Brush Guard. Comes with all mounting brackets and bolts for 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 470. Surface rust on some areas, but structurally sound. $40 OBO. PM for more details
  9. CaptainBenRP

    For Sale  Headlight Passenger side - 99 LX 470

    Passenger side headlight for 1999 lx470. Good condition. $215 - free shipping to 48
  10. LXColorado

    SOLD  Denver, CO. Adventure Ready Black 2006 LX470

    ASKING: $17,500 For sale is my adventure-ready Black '06 LX470 with 220k. I've put quite a lot of time and money into making this build unique and capable! Selling to save up for a 200 series build. No rust on the undercarriage. Here is the link to my build thread for pics and more details of...
  11. B

    SOLD  Winston Salem, NC: 2000 Lexus LX 470 UZJ100

    15 years of Lexus service records from original owner in Chattanooga, TN. Then truck was purchased by the service manager from the Toyota dealer in Chattanooga. I purchased about a year ago, and have installed Thorley headers, new steering rack from CVJ, newer AHC globes, new brakes, oil packs...
  12. A

    Removing the inner tail light lens

    I need to replace the inner driver's tail light lens on my 98 LX470 and was curious if anyone had done this before and knew about any clips, etc. to be aware of before proceeding. Rig has 300k+ miles on it so Im sure the plastic will be brittle. Do I need to remove it from the back (under the...
  13. CaptainBenRP

    Wanted  Wanted: Driver Side Front Fender 99 LX470

    Looking to buy Drivers side front fender for 1999 LX470 will take any color.
  14. mfox808

    Emergency Starting Issue

    Hey all, new to the forum and really need some help! Recently purchased a 1998 LX470, (pictured) in Oregon, thanks to the buyers guide on this forum. Drove it up to Seattle to get it shipped to Maui where I live. I left it at the docks to be shipped. Today I got an email from Matson saying...
  15. eddieforsale

    2006 LX470 center hubcaps

    I recently purchased my 2006 LX and realized I bought it missing it’s center caps. I began looking into getting replacements and realized some were priced way too high for plastic covers. Until I found these... I hope this helps. L600 NEW LX470 WHEEL CENTER CAP 2003-2005 EMBLEM HUBCAP...
  16. K

    Too much rust on this '06 LX470?

    Looking to get into a 100 and found this truck on Offerup for 11,500 with 145k miles. It's a NE truck so has definitely seen some salt, but I don't know enough to judge if this is an acceptable level of rust.
  17. K

    2004 LX470 front right suspension stuck on low

    Turned right into a parking lot today and the front right suspension got stuck in the low position. Other 3 corners look to be in high mode. I parked and tried to lower/raise the suspension, but doesn’t move (light just blinks). The VSC is also stuck in the off position. Anyone have any ideas...
  18. H

    Wanted  2006-2007 Can Only Spend 10-13k Willing To Travel

    Hey Everyone, I am looking to purchase my first 100 series. I am looking to buy one as soon as possible and willing to travel anywhere in the continental US to get it! Looking for one with under 200k miles, as rust free as can be, with everything in working condition. Night vision is a plus*. I...
  19. cghall98

    Wanted  2003-2007 LC or LX in the Southeast, USA- Genesis for trade

    I am currently looking to go back to an SUV and want an LC or LX. I was hit by a drunk driver 2.5 years ago which totaled my 4Runner. I’ve been driving a great sedan, but I’m ready for to go back to an SUV. I am located in the Southeast, and would like to find a Southeastern truck. I currently...
  20. rctoyota

    For Sale  Northern California 2006 100 w/ahc

    PENDING!!! Hi. Selling my 06 land cruiser. Here’s the spec. 06 with AHC at 224k miles. AHC works amazing and I absolutely love it. I’ve tuned it in very well. I’ll get into that later. I owned it since October 2016. Purchased in AZ from the original owner with 208k on it. Currently I’m in...
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