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  1. fjryan

    Headlight Electrical Mystery LX470

    Whilst leaving work the other night, I noticed that it was pretty dark in front of my 2003 LX470. I pulled back into a parking spot and found that both low beam headlights were not working. High beams worked fine and daytime running lights were good. I popped the hood to wiggle some wires and...
  2. Tareq

    LED headlights dont fit

    Hello, I just installed these in my LX, 2003. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B072R4Y6TF/ref=pe_3034960_236394800_TE_dp_1 H1 for low beam and H3 for fog lights. I love the look, true bright white, no blue hint whatsoever. Makes the LX look modern :) But the problem is that I cant close the bulb...
  3. marsh

    Very Special FJ60 headlights woes

    Here is one for all the sparkies! The situation is I currently have no low beams on either side (0 volts at connector), and high beams rights side only (~5 volts left, ~11 volts right). When high beams are selected the high beam indicator does not turn on. Combination switch contacts are...
  4. bubfuji

    For Sale FJ62 Hella H4 and H1 Head lights

    Hello, I have 2 H4 and 2 H1 Hella head light assemblies from my Fj62 for sale. Asking $100.00 OBO for the set plus shipping 2 H4 driving lights 2 H1 highbeam lights 4 lights total There are light bulbs in the lights as well.
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