1. jkredman

    Louvers Question

    Looking to install some hood louvers on my '91. Would love to go with a set of Grand Prix ones but I'm not looking to spend what most people are asking for a set. I saw someone mentioned these Jeep Hood Louvers | Offroad Jeep Parts – GenRight in a previous post and was just curious if anyone has...
  2. ih8mudkinkaid

    Ever wondered what's behind the louver?

    In case you are wondering. Enjoy. Pretty straight forward to remove the inside, not the louver itself. After removing the exterior louver, unscrew the two phillips screws and pry under the side of the first insert. After that it should be straight forward. The inside tube itself is soft and...
  3. Passenger side louver vent without the vent

    Passenger side louver vent without the vent

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