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  1. R

    For Sale Heavy Duty Load Bars (4) w/ rain gutter mounts (Petaluma CA)

    See my craigslist ad for details. Local pick up only. Heavy Duty Whispbar Load Bars w/Rain Gutter Mounts
  2. cruisercesar

    SOLD FoxWing Awning by OzTent and African Outback Loadbars

    FoxWing Awning by OzTent SOLD. African Outback load bars (4) SOLD. Awning is complete and in very good condition. Excellent design and function. Provides tons of shade and coverage. Easy to set-up and take-down. African Outback load bars (4) provide a solid mounting platform for RTTs...
  3. fj40z

    For Sale Thule fit kit for 100 series

    100 series Thule fit kit 223. Leftover from my last 100, I bought them off mud for$50 and never got around to using them. These are the parts that fit in the roof channel, they work with the Thule 400xt towers. $50 plus shipping.
  4. a_traut_man

    For Sale Yakima Q Towers and Load Bars - $130 - Austin TX

    Have two yakima 58" load bars and the four associated q towers for sale in austin texas. no end caps or fit kit need them gone. Full set up would cost about $325 new and these aren't new. Asking about $130 from a mudder. Also have an older yakima ski mount for sale... or if you pay the 130...
  5. sammybones

    Suggestions for load bars

    I'm going to replace my factory roof rack. I don't need a rack or basket just load bars for my canoe. So far all I can find are the ones from Rhino Rack. Ideally I'd like them to sit up a little higher than the Rhino Rack load bars do. Any suggestion would be most appreciated.:)
  6. mechanixhorseman

    For Sale Factory roof rack for '98 100 series

    Just installed a Gamiviti rack so I'm selling my factory rack. The finish has peeled almost completely off the front bar and is starting on the rear bar. Could be easily rattle canned to look new. Other than that it is mechanically sound. All of the hardware needed to mount and plastic covers...
  7. riverdale32

    Wanted Roof Rack Load Bars for FJ60

    Hello, looking for towers and load bars for an FJ60. Anybody have any extras? Thanks!
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