limp mode

  1. shevy77

    Limp Mode? - No CEL

    This past weekend I experienced what I believe was a 'limp mode' instance, but not sure this can occur without CEL. After driving approximately 90 miles in 95-100 degree temperatures at interstate speeds (75-80 MPH) with AC running front/rear, my truck lost power suddenly on the interstate. At...
  2. D

    Limp mode advice -'17 LC

    Guys, New LC owner (but long time Sequioa/4Runner owner -25 years with terrific reliability ) who is hoping for some advice and insight on some problems I've had with my 2-month old LC. About a month after buying the car I noticed the parking lights would stay on at odd times. The parking...
  3. B

    Aisin 442 limp mode

    Hey guys, Ive got a 94 Fzj80 with a 94 6bt swapped in using the Diesel Adapters Kit. It still has the Original Aisin 442 with compushift. The trans has been in limp mode for about 50% of time I have started it for the past month. Seems like a loose connection but the only one I could find is on...
  4. HorseFly

    Loose gas cap and stuck in limp mode

    Hey fellas. Lots of threads on limp mode, mainly related to TPS. This issue is a bit different. Wifey was scooting around town in our 2008 GX470 and forgot to tighten the gas cap. :princess: Cluster blew up with VSC TRAC, VSC OFF, Traction control and Check Engine. I ran it to auto parts...
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