1. Chibu

    2000 Lexus LX470 Power Steering Leak with Pics (Possible Leak Identified, please advise)

    Alright, back again with my beloved. The car has had a power steering (PS) leak for about a year now. Don't use the car much but it's pesky and I think I've found the leaky line. So from the PS reservoir, there's a hose that goes to the PS pump, then there's another line running from the PS...
  2. KnoxLex

    Weird fluid leaking near front CV joint

    Any information would be helpful about what is leaking and what to do about it, the fluid is kinda brownish if that helps.
  3. Walter Tulin

    Engine leakage at drivers side- 1HZ engine.

    Good day All, I am having oil leakage problems on my 1hz engine. See attached photos shows leaking from the driver's side of the engine block from the rocker cover down to the drip pan side. I am not sure if it's my head gasket leaking/rocker cover or the connection to the exhaust manifolds...
  4. FeralOne

    74 FJ40 aftermarket radiator cap loose, leaking coolant

    I have searched the FAQs and threads for a clear answer to this dilemma: I have leakage/spewage of coolant from the bottom of the radiator cap-NOT through the overflow hose...I have a 13 psi generic cap that fits loosely on the stock radiator. doesn't fit right. It appears that I need the OEM...
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