1. kauaicruiser

    Disintegrating Spring Brackets/Shackles

    Aloha everyone, My tRusted 86' 60 has finally reached the next maintenance marker however I don't have much experience with suspension. Im looking to do a basic but worthwhile fix. I have a few questions- If this hanger was to detach at speed how messy would it be--say at 45mph? Silly...
  2. Frkens

    Noisy coil springs FJ62, 1988

    Hey everyone. I bought my Fj62 three weeks ago, and I am not only in love with it - I also discovered the beauty of 4x4's in general. My first but definitely not the last 4x4! I had it by a mechanic because I needed a brake adjustment, and needed new shocks. As I'm traveling through Mexico...
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