1. luke27617

    For Sale  Raleigh, NC 2020 Land Cruiser

    My work has changed and going forward I'll be remote so unfortunately my LC is and will be getting little use, so I am thinking about selling it. I would welcome anyone interested in my LC to PM with any questions and/or interest. Please no low ball offers as there is no urgency to sell it...
  2. LL247

    For Sale  Pittsburgh, PA - OME BP51 Suspension with SPC UCA's for 200 series - only 2k miles on setup!

    Had this suspension installed a few months ago but was recently forced to trade in my Land Cruiser, setup only has 2k miles on it so almost new. Old Man Emu BP-51 with SPC upper control arms. Paid $3700 a few months ago, will sell for $2700. Prefer local pickup but will ship on your dime. I...
  3. G

    For Sale  2013 Land Cruiser - Grey

    I purchased this 2013 Land Cruiser in May of 2018 from the 2nd owner. It's the best car I have ever owned. No issues, amazing to drive. VIN: Jtmhy7aj6d4011532 2" Old Man Emu Medium Kit 35" Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires & Method Roost 308 20" Wheels VPR Side Rails and VPR Front Bumper Warn Winch...
  4. screenflicker

    SOLD  Las Vegas: 5 Stock 200 Series Land Cruiser wheels and tires

    I bought a 2013 LC a couple of years ago. The first thing I did was get new wheels and tires so the stock ones are for sale. It had 80,000 miles on it when I bought it and the tires look like they've been around for a bit (see pictures). A few of the tires are still in good to decent condition...
  5. ProBoy

    FS: 2018 LC200 Wheels + Tires

    2018 Toyota Land Cruiser 75195 Wheels 18" Rims Factory OEM 4261160C20 . Condition is Used. Had 15000 miles #1,2,4,5. Full size #3 unused. Minor side wall damage on #2 seen on picture. OEM quality guaranteed. Got new wheels so gotta clear my garage. Ins: LC200ER Pictures
  6. PAToyota

    Importing LC79 & LC200 bodies - Land Cruiser Heaven, Hagerstown, MD

    I talked with Frank Diaz of Land Cruiser Heaven this morning. He had posted on Instagram that he was working out details to import a bunch of LC79 and LC200 bodies from the Middle East. From our discussion, these are brand new vehicles that are being bought for the running chassis for armored...
  7. A

    LC200 BP-51 / King 2.5 Suspension upgrade

    How would you describe the on-road and off-road improvements that come from a BP-51 or King 2.5 suspension upgrade on an all-stock 2014 LC200? Also, are there any negatives you have noticed after upgrading the LC200 OEM suspension? My use is 85% in town with the remainder being a mix of windy...
  8. A

    Continental TerrainContact and General Grabber ATX Tires on an LC200

    Hello and thanks to everyone for their participation in these forums - they have been very helpful. I bought my first Land Cruiser a few months ago. It is a used all-stock 2014 LC200. This is my first post. My use is 85% in town with the rest being a mix of highway, dirt washboard, and rough...
  9. mmorgan24

    For Sale  MS: ARB RD1045 & RDRF1045 Drawers and COB200 barrier. NEW.

    ARB COB200 - technically a half barrier that's made to work with the ARB drawers. ARB RD1045 and RDRF1045 drawers, one fixed and one slider, and barrier for sale. These are NEW, never used. I have a set installed in my 2013. Don't ask me why I have TWO sets (one installed on my LC)! Check our...
  10. LakinoFR

    AHC on a Loaded LC200 - HELP Please

    Hi there, I have a 2008 LC200 and I am planning to prepare it for overlanding trips. I am considering adding Front and Rear ARB Bars (70 and 90 Kgs respectively) + Roof Tent (approx 80 Kgs) + Auxiliary LRA Fuel Tank (another 100kgs when filled). My LC200 is equipped with AHC (2'' sensor lift...
  11. KOTN

    Aftermarket Air Box

    Hi All, My first post as I've just joined this forum after purchasing my first ever Toyota (what have I been waiting for all these years ;-) Anyways I'm hoping anyone can point in the direction of which aftermarket airbox for 2017 LC200? I'm based in Western Australia so hopefully a local...
  12. A

    Can I replace my navigation on LC200 2009 VX.R

    Hello, as I posted before I have a land cruiser 2009 Vxr and I was wondering if I can replace the navigation & music system to a more recent one like from a 2015 one because my entertainment system currently only have radio and disk. Is it possible? Also if I can program a new LC200 Key fob for...
  13. A

    Headlamp washer

    I just bought my first car which is a 2009 Land Cruiser VXR. The left headlight washer is missing it’s cap but the seller included the part and its currently in the compartment of the land cruiser. I don’t know how to install it or fix it. Any help please?
  14. Ozon8r

    New 2019 LC pulls to the right pre and post alignment

    I recently purchased a new 2019 LC. On the drive home from the dealer, I noticed a moderate pull to the right even though the vehicle only had 10 miles on the odometer (didn't catch on the test drive). I wasn't too worried since I was planning to add a BP-51 lift and would need an alignment...
  15. freezingcoffee

    For Sale  CA: Brand New LC200 OEM Toyota JDM Window Visors

    Name: Anthony Location: Monterey Park, California Brand New LC200 OEM Toyota Window Visors. These are unopened. The opened pictures are references what they look like $320 Picked up, $330 shipped f
  16. ProBoy

    #OMW2PNW 2018 LC200 hidden winch installed

    Hey friends: I just want to share some pictures of my newly installed hidden winch mount along with a Warn XP-S 9.5. Alpha Off-road at Santa Clarita,CA helped me with the installation. Art and his buddy helped me, super friendly staff and quality work. Thumb up. Tell me what you think about...
  17. thetransporter

    LC200 center cap for lx470

    Hi, I recently bought LC 200 2013 wheels for my 2001 lx470. I just thought they were the same as the ones used for the later 2006 lx470’s. Anyway, I have a problem with the front ones as the center cap wouldn’t fit. I noticed the ones from the lx are embossed to give space for the wheel hub or...
  18. navadv

    Seat Swap? - LC200 seats in a 100?

    Have a very basic 02 LC out here in the Middle East. Seats are cloth, manual and offer little adjustability Happened across a great deal on a set of leather LC200 seats - full auto with airbags Wondering if these were a simple install? Not bothered much about the airbags not deploying in...
  19. D

    LC200 AC Drain PiPe

    Good day Fellas thanks for letting me into this fantastic forum , it has been great help im looking for LC 200 series ( 2008 to 2015 ) AC drain location or any point through which i can enter to AC drain pipe . i have searched the forum and all answers are for different model or generation of...
  20. ToyotaIsLife

    Long Travel Rear Coil springs ? (Longer than stock Length)

    Recently I decided I would remove the spacer on the rear 3.0 KING bypass shocks, that extended the shock shaft about an inch. Which means one inch of extra down travel and increased internal piston movement so added travel. This in combination with the total chaos extended rear links (upper &...
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