1. JeffsLC

    I killed my 200 by leaving it in drive overnight! Or did I?

    I parked in the garage last night, turned the engine off but left the truck in drive, and left it that way overnight. This afternoon, the battery was obviously dead. AAA jumped the battery and the interior lights, radio, and other accessories came on but the key fobs are dead as is, it would...
  2. rick312

    For Sale  San Antonio, TX: 2013/Lexus/LX570

    Selling my 2013 LX 570 that has been located in TX for its entire life. 95000 miles Vin: Bought this beauty in October 2019 after a long search and with a plan to move back to Colorado. Fast forward to 2021 and the plan to move to CO has changed due and now all I do is drive back and...
  3. D

    For Sale  NYC: 2014 LX570 61K miles

    Sorry If I mislead you guys but Im in the market for a LC200/LX (who isnt anw haha) and this one sticks out like a sore thumb but has been available for 2 months. It seems too good to be true to be available still tbh. Anyone has seen it and can share some insight? Might worth a trip to NYC for...
  4. F

    SOLD  2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

    I finally got a built Land Cruiser and now the wife wants a stock Heritage. Happy wife, happy life, so we’re selling our super-clean 2015 LC200 with OME lift, Dissent Front and Rear Bumpers and TRD Pro 18” Wheels. We purchased from Toyota Dealer Employee who had it Regularly serviced at Toyota...
  5. EnnK

    For Sale  Land Cruiser 200 (2008-2015)

    For sale is trunk spoiler for 2008-2015 Land Cruiser 200. The color is PEARL WHITE. It is brand new and ready to attach with 3M tape on back. I ordered this awhile back for my 2016 LC but just getting to it now and realized that this is specific to 2008-2015 models. Since I can’t return it, I...
  6. B

    LC200 Wheel getting locked in L4 Sand Driving

    Hi, I am new LC 200 driver ad I use my LC 200 in Sand Driving and normally I drive in H4 with my Traction switched off. However for bigger slopes or when I get stuck I try to use L4 but I am seeing my wheels do get intermittently locked when I am using L4 though my traction control is switched...
  7. O

    SOLD  Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    ARB Summit and RLC rear bumper off my 2017 Land Cruiser 200 for sale. Both bumpers were painted by a body shop to match my silver Land Cruiser. Both have around 30,000 miles and 2 1/2 years of use. Front bumper has small paint chips shown in pictures. The rear bumper has scratches that don't...
  8. adventurefam

    Parting Out  GARAGE SALE: LX 570 TIRES, ROOF RAILS, MATS 2013 LC200 LX570

    Pulled from a 2013 LX 570... Tires: Cooper Discover H/T Plus - $50 Size: 285/50R20 116T Manufacturer's Part Number: 90000002932 Condition: Brand New (Pulled from spare. Never ridden on.) M+S Load Range: XL Quantity: 1...
  9. DenverMike

    SOLD  2009-2014 LC or LX570

    This is compromise vehicle with the wife - she said 'no' to an 80. She'll drive for a year+ then I can build it. Looking for a clean vehicle with 125k max miles. Silver or White preferred Non smoking Not used for towing Service records included Crawl and Luxury package preferred Non-salt...
  10. BlackMammoth

    SOLD  WTB 2018 LC200 Stock 18" wheels (Southern California)

    I really only need two but willing to look at whatever... They don't need to be perfect (going on a trailer).
  11. A

    SOLD  2008 Land Cruiser for Sale - One Owner, No Accidents/Damage, Service Records, NEW engine Installed by Dealer 20k miles ago

    I'm selling my 2008 LC (listed on Ebay and FB Marketplace) and thought I'd share the info here as well. Its a really nice rig and thought you guys might be into it. Im keeping my LX470 but passing this one on to the next owner. Feel free to ask any questions, etc. Car is located in Southeast...
  12. adventurefam

    2013 LX 570 Build: "The Wanderer"

    Goal: Build a vehicle capable of taking our family of 5 (3 boys under 8) and all our gear on off the beaten path adventures. We also wanted the ability to carry friends or grandparents along on occasion. We considered Land Rover Discovery, LR4, LR3, Lexus GX, 4Runners, Landcruisers, and...
  13. re500

    craigslist  NorCal: 2017 LC200 43k miles

    Not Mine, But nice offer. 43k miles 62k usd
  14. Atwalz

    SOLD  5 Rock Warrior wheels. 5x150 17"x8" 50mm offset (Sacramento, California)

    I have five rock warrior wheels that will be available in a week. Wheels only, no lug nuts, no tpms. They are used and have scratches from wheeling but structurally they are good. My preference is to get sell it as a set $1,000 cash and local pickup. The price is firm. I will post pics shortly.
  15. trek931

    SOLD  Boulder, CO - 2020 LC200 Stock Suspension ~650 miles

    For sale is the factory suspension pulled from 2020 LC200 Heritage today. This includes UCAs, front coilovers, rear shocks and rear coils. ~650 miles on them so they're basically new. Asking $500 OBO.
  16. trek931

    SOLD  Boulder CO - 2020 LC200 Heritage TRD Wheels & Tires

    For sale are the factory BBS bronze TRD wheels and tires pulled from a 2020 LC200 Heritage today. ~650 miles on them, perfect condition. $2000 and prefer local pickup Denver/Boulder area.
  17. EnnK

    For Sale  Black Wheels (+ Tires) for Land Cruiser

    A set of 4 black wheels for Land Cruiser along with Toyo tires (still about 7000-8000 left on it based on what we were told). Please note that I just bought this truck with those tires on. I am in process of replacing them with new wheels and tires. My guess is previous owner had them painted...
  18. luke27617

    SOLD  Raleigh, NC 2020 Land Cruiser

    My work has changed and going forward I'll be remote so unfortunately my LC is and will be getting little use, so I am thinking about selling it. I would welcome anyone interested in my LC to PM with any questions and/or interest. Please no low ball offers as there is no urgency to sell it...
  19. LL247

    SOLD  Pittsburgh, PA - OME BP51 Suspension for 200 series - only 2k miles on setup!

    Had this suspension installed a few months ago but was recently forced to trade in my Land Cruiser, setup only has 2k miles on it so almost new. Old Man Emu BP-51 Paid $3000 a few months ago, will sell for $2200. Prefer local pickup but will ship on your dime. I own a custom shop and can take...
  20. G

    For Sale  2013 Land Cruiser - Grey

    I purchased this 2013 Land Cruiser in May of 2018 from the 2nd owner. It's the best car I have ever owned. No issues, amazing to drive. VIN: Jtmhy7aj6d4011532 2" Old Man Emu Medium Kit 35" Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires & Method Roost 308 20" Wheels VPR Side Rails and VPR Front Bumper Warn Winch...
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