1. navadv

    Seat Swap? - LC200 seats in a 100?

    Have a very basic 02 LC out here in the Middle East. Seats are cloth, manual and offer little adjustability Happened across a great deal on a set of leather LC200 seats - full auto with airbags Wondering if these were a simple install? Not bothered much about the airbags not deploying in...
  2. D

    LC200 AC Drain PiPe

    Good day Fellas thanks for letting me into this fantastic forum , it has been great help im looking for LC 200 series ( 2008 to 2015 ) AC drain location or any point through which i can enter to AC drain pipe . i have searched the forum and all answers are for different model or generation of...
  3. ToyotaIsLife

    Long Travel Rear Coil springs ? (Longer than stock Length)

    Recently I decided I would remove the spacer on the rear 3.0 KING bypass shocks, that extended the shock shaft about an inch. Which means one inch of extra down travel and increased internal piston movement so added travel. This in combination with the total chaos extended rear links (upper &...
  4. BrokentopLC

    Wanted Bend, Oregon 2012-2016 Land Cruiser wanted

    Looking for a 2012-2016 Land Cruiser with less than 75k miles. Ideally, looking for black or grey. Thank you!
  5. A

    UAE gets 2019 LC200 GX-R 4.6L XTREME EDITION

    Forbidden exotic fruit not available in most markets. 2019 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER200 GX-R 4.6L XTREME EDITION Looks damn good to my eyes!! Several Dubai dealers carry this Xtreme version LC200 with smaller gasoline 4.6L V8. I wonder if it is factory or dealer installed add ons...? and also...
  6. T

    Currently No CPO LC200 or LX570 available?

    I’ve been looking at used LC200 and LX570 for about a month now. I’ve been looking at certified pre owned as well as non cpo vehicles. I couldn’t pinpoint a specific day but within the last few days to a week all the certified preowned LC and LX have disappeared. Searches on Toyota, Lexus and...
  7. E

    2013 LC200 (American) whirring noise behind the dash on cold start

    Hi everyone- I have a 2013 LC200 (American) with about 35,000 miles on it. Last winter, when it would sit in my work parking garage during the day (open air) and temperatures would be between 17-27 degrees Farenheit, upon turning on the car there would be a 3-5 minute cycle of whirring somewhere...
  8. Reg Wang

    Ok to buy?

    New here and new to Toyota in general. Fascinated with the LC heritage so I've been searching and searching for an affordable deal. Found one, local Toyota dealer who would give my trade vehicle a good price and they have the cheapest 2013 LC, black on black, two owners and clean Carfax, 80k...
  9. joevg3

    Bolt Pattern Question

    Hi Everyone - I have a 2009 LC 200 and I am looking for a new set of rims to replace my stock. Reason being there are some stock TRD 4 runner rims available (with brand new tires on them) available for a great price. My question is the bolt pattern for my 200 is 140 and the bolt pattern for...
  10. Tio Conejo

    4Lo Not Engaging on a 2009 LC200 (V8 petrol)

    I recently purchased a 2009 LC200 (V8 Petrol) with 89,000 miles from a Lady that apparently never took this car offroading. The price was so attractive $20,000 that I only drove around the block, everything went smooth and did not test the 4x4 system because I thought this car was unbreakable...
  11. ProBoy

    Seattle region intermediate off-roading location

    Hello fellows, I have a 2018 LC200 and I am looking for places to test my rig. Any recommendation of 4x4 locations near Seattle that doesn't have clearance requirements? Thanks
  12. ProBoy

    2018 LC200 First modifications completed

    Finally got my ARB Side steps and twin air compressor installed today. Work performed by Mule Expedition Outfitters Great Work!Instagram: OMW2PNW by ProBoy posted Jun 2, 2018 at 1:23 PMInstagram: OMW2PNW by ProBoy posted Jun 2, 2018 at 1:23 PMInstagram: OMW2PNW by ProBoy posted Jun 2, 2018 at...
  13. ToyotaIsLife

    How to have FUN with your LC200.

    NO ABS NO FRONT DRIVETRAIN NO SWAY BARS (KDSS DELETE) Haha not only drives smoother, shifts better and saves more fuel. BUT TOKYO DRIFT?!!
  14. ProBoy

    TRD 17' Rock warrior forged wheels

    Hello Friends, I have being trying to make a purchase on the TRD rock warrior wheels for my 2018 LC200, does anyone knows a good vendor or store sells it? Thank you
  15. sterlingmossy

    Underpowered Land Rover

    Hi, this is my first post and I was hoping for some help. I currently drive a 2015 Land Rover LR4 which I love BUT on a recent trip through the rockies the V6SC engine really struggled in the mountains. I am currently closing on a second home in Driggs ID and looking for a replacement Vehicle...
  16. Gxme200

    Xenon Bulbs to Leds

    Ηειιο all. Recently, I upgraded my land cruiser 2010 headlights to 2013 headlights. The one with Projector Low beams. I got into a problem of not having the OEM ballasts for the xenon bulbs. And the ones available are fairly expensive in my country. My question is, instead of using xenon...
  17. L

    Subaru Ascent v. LC

    Ok, so weird thing happened over at the LC200 tech forum. Romero—whose forum tagline is “New Toys Are Exciting”— apparently didn’t think the upcoming Ascent was going to be exciting enough, and closed that thread, after it had been open for less than a day, and generated a really good...
  18. ToyotaIsLife

    My land cruisers RIG update.

    Excuse my arab accent. Yes the first one is a 100 series sorry but didnt know where to upload :D What do you guys suggest I play with next? ^^
  19. ToyotaIsLife

    200 Series Weight Reduction, Need advice!

    Hello guys, I am planning to gut out as much weight as possible from my LC200 to make it agile and handle better. Main concern is to get the front end as light as possible. Less nose dive the better during high speed offroad use. Weight reductions currently: Only thing I have modified to that...
  20. D

    For Sale Goose Gear LC200 Platform and 40inch Drawer

    Looking to sell my Goose Gear LC200 Platform and 40 inch drawer. I purchased these with a Goose Gear fridge slide, and I only wanted the fridge slide so looking to get rid of the rest as I don't own a 200 series Land Cruiser. I'm willing to ship the platform, I assume it will cost about $50...
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