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  1. L

    LX470 Head Light Upgrade

    I have an 06 LX470 that I have decided to keep and upgrade despite the vehicle needing a lot of repairs due to being so old. So instead of repairs, like I normally do, I would like to upgrade the headlights to some brighter LED ones. Any recommendations on what will work in an LX470?
  2. L

    Everything seems to be breaking, Help!

    I have a 2006 Lx470 with over 250k that seems to have everything breaking in it! The steering column and rack are worn out and need replacing, the A/C compressor just blew out, and the center locking diff locked up on it's own when my wife was driving it. She drove all day long on the...
  3. bashafridi

    Conversion to 2017 H151F transmission on my LC 100

    Hi how r u Just wanted to weather the new 2017 h151f gear box with taller 5th gear ratio can fit my LC 100 And how can I get this box
  4. ih8mudd

    For Sale Atlanta: 2004 LX470 156K miles

    Alright folks so unfortunately I need to part ways with this LX470. I purchased it recently and have put under 2000 miles on it. However, my work commute has changed and it is just not practical to have two of these. It is a 2004 and it has 156XXX miles on it.. continuing to rise. I want...
  5. C

    For Sale Lc100 wheel and bfg tires

    1998 lc100 stock wheels with bfg all terrain 265/75/16. 400 or best offer. About 50% tread 5 lug. Pick up in antioch ca.
  6. J

    craigslist (Not mine) Rare 2006 LC in Hawaii

    Actually on cars[.]com: Let me know if the link doesn’t play nice. Anyone checked out this unicorn located in HI?? I’m sure it would be an ordeal to ship but obviously feasible. No nav, does have AHC, and looks...
  7. dsw1020

    Interior Color Modifications

    Hey fellow mudders! I have always been a fan of black interiors on vehicles, with every prior vehicle to the cruiser having that color option. I am curious if anyone has ever changed out the color on their vehicle or custom painted the interior parts? I have seen guys on the 80 section do this...
  8. 9


    MUST SEE AND DRIVE!!! This Land Cruiser in in very good condition RUNS GREAT!!!. Exterior and Interior is very nice and well maintained. Here are the extras: 2" OME Lift with Bilstein Shocks Doig Thorley Header and custom 3" exhaust 20" Toyota Tundra wheels with NEW BFG All-Terrain Tires JT's...
  9. J

    For Sale 2001 LC, 125k, white/tan for sale

    I have a 2001 with 125k, no rust Florida truck. White with tan leather, navigation, center diff lock, hitch, rack, old Man emu coils, rear air, third row. Just had timing belt and water pump done at Toyota. New Toyota battery. Good tires (31") and brakes. Needs nothing. Leather shows some wear...
  10. L

    how many Cats does 2005 LC 100 have?

    Does anyone know the truck has two or four Cats? I'm planning to get Maglaflow to replace a possible defective one, but its CA. approved version requires cutting and welding. Any other suggestions?
  11. M

    mystery on/off switch 2006 LC 100

    just bought an '06 LC, and I can't figure out what the little on/off rocker is between the cigarette lighter and power's not in the owners manual. Anyone know what this is, or is it a mystery aftermarket mod by the PO? Pic attached.
  12. B

    For Sale 1998 LC 100 - sell or trade for pickup truck

    Was hoping to keep this one for a long time but we need something with more power to tow our Land Rover (I know, don't laugh). Willing to do a partial trade if you have something newer. Must have 4 doors. I have kids. Has the rear locker 263K miles Timing belt, water pump, heater Ts, and crank...
  13. W

    LC 100 Dome Light Question/Pic Request

    Hey guys, I'm working on replacing the nasty old DVD player that came with our 2006 LC 100 with a factory dome light. I'm HOPING to source a used one, but before I go looking, were any changes made to the dome lights over the years? Ex. Will a 2000 model dome light fit a 2006 LC? Could...
  14. M

    Wanted LC 100 2006/2007 under 150k

    Seems like everyone is looking for the same thing. I am willing to expand that to include the same for an LX. Perfect option would be non-AHC and a darker color. Looking to spend less than $24k. Based in Tampa but making the move to Raleigh in the coming weeks. You can contact me best via...
  15. 1meancruiser

    For Sale AHC Components from LC 100 with 80k Miles!

    Bump with prices reduction below... Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 470 AHC Rear Coils and Front Torsion Bars. Rear Springs are 4 years old. $125 plus shipping. Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus Lx470 suspension control module (ECU) AHC LHD Computer. $140 plus shipping. It should work on Lexus...
  16. Payara Offroad

    For Sale LC 100 Denso key SOLD

    I have for sale a brand new Denso key for LC 100. Sold the cruiser and found that key in my drawer. Asking $12.00 plus shipping. SOLD. SOLD.
  17. gatormark91

    Wanted LC 100 front passenger door in Central FL

    Anyone in Central Florida area got an LC100 they are parting, with a good passenger front door? Prefer with door card, but I'm not picky, stripped door is good as well. Would go to Jax/Tampa or similar distance... Let me know... Thanks! Mark Orlando
  18. cyclonus

    craigslist Norcal 2000 LC $8900

    2000 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 4WD UTILITY <<< 172K MI - THIRD SEAT The dealer has a link to the Carfax here: Used 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser in Hayward, CA 94544 - 452086492 - Autotrader Not sure what was happening with owner 2 for the 7 months in 2005. It's also hard to tell what if anything...
  19. B

    Questions for those that tow with their LC 100

    I was towing a 5,000 lb trailer through some hills in Austin over the weekend with the O/D off. Climbing those hills it can only manage about 35 MPH @ 3,000 RPM. I can rev it to 4,000 RPM to pick up some speed but I didn't feel comfortable revving it that high for more than a few seconds. Two...
  20. A

    Need Help: Turning LC 100 into an Arctic Truck

    I am very new to this website and forum. I have reviewed many threads and y'all do some awesome things to your land cruisers. I would love some input/opinions on the best way to convert my 1998 Land Cruiser 100 to a bad ass arctic truck. Recently I took my family to Iceland and we were amazed...
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