1. K

    17 vs 18 inch wheels - Handling Characteristics

    For those of you that have gone from a 18 inch stock wheel to a 17 inch wheel (Rock Warriors, Hutchinson, etc), I was wondering what the "on road" handling was like? Did you notice any changes such as more roll, less stability, etc? Any degradation of on road handling at all? I am debating on...
  2. gkanai

    steel 16 inch wheel restoration Toyota 42601-60600

    Hi everyone, I recently bid and won a set of used Toyota steel wheels which I believe were used on both the 70 and the 100 Series. Set of 4 here: Full photos from the seller here with one OEM photo (also not mine) Toyota 42601-60611 From what I can tell with the photos...
  3. half k cruiser

    Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi Coil Review Pt.2

    In case you missed pt.1 you can view it here Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi coil review . This thread will be my thoughts and photos from my most recent trip. This has been long delayed as I've gathered all of the various pics together and had to resize them for uploading. The trip was as...
  4. Turbo45

    40 inch throttle cable

    Hi there I have a 1976 FJ 45 that I have installed a 13BT in drove it last summer and it worked nice this winter I plumbed up a air to air and changed the way the throttle cable worked on the original 13BT setup is there a 40 series throttle cable from the pedal to the engine that is about 40...
  5. cims1970fj40

    1 1/2 inch over stock shackle

    Does anyone recognize these shackles? My dad bought them years ago and doesnt remember where he bought them. I need a set for the rear. Also we thought they were from cool cruisers but are a little different. Thanks
  6. T

    craigslist lx 470 18 inch wheels RAL NC

    Not mine, but good price... Lexus Lx470 18s rims
  7. aznxfactor

    295/70/18 with 2 inch lift

    like the title says, can you put 295/70/18s on lc200 with 2 inch lift. Say OME? Im thinking about going ironman foam pro tbh. Please any and all inputs would be appreciated. :)
  8. half k cruiser

    Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi coil review

    I figured I will start recording my thoughts here in case anyone else is interested or I need to review later on. This is going to be a straight up comparison, apples to apples of the OME J lift and the Dobinsons lift. Before: Old Man Emu 850J front / 863 rears OME sway bar drops Fox 2.0 shocks...
  9. Farrell Martin

    Why Not Camber Plates on 2.5 - 3 Inch Lift as Opposed to Camber Bushings?

    EDITED: I feel like the answer is right under my nose, but I am not seeing it......why do caster plates seem to be designed for +4 inch lifts but not smaller? This crossed my mind after reading a couple recent threads about caster bushings falling apart and the thought that OEM bushings have...
  10. S

    Ride with 2.5 inch lift

    Have a lead on a 100 series LC. Recently had a OME lift put on it. How is the ride with the lift and any concerns I should be aware of. It Will be a daily driver.
  11. ExpoGeorgia

    3 inch lifts and 33's

    Ok guys I know suspension/tire combo's have been beaten to death but hear me out. Spending time here in Japan and Australia, I've noticed a lot of the 4x4's have 3-4 inches of lift with 33's. Of course their idea of "Touring" is a bit more extreme than our type of off-roading in the states but...
  12. ga89hoss

    For Sale (TX) 18 inch American Racing Rims with tires

    SOLD I have four 18 inch, 5x150 bolt pattern American Racing ATX wheels. They are gray and Teflon coated. Wheels come with 4 275/60R18 Continental Crosscontact LX tires with a lot of life left in them. Also included is a set of 20 lug nuts. I got new rims and tires so that is why I have these...
  13. Tank5

    SOLD FJ80 6 inch lift springs

    I have a set of 6 inch lift springs front and rear that I would like to try and trade for a set of ome medium lift springs (851 and 860.) I do not know the manufacturer they came on a fj80 I bought for parts. They were silver colored but I am having them blasted. The springs came off of the...
  14. ylexot

    For Sale 285/75R16 E-rated ATs mounted and balanced

    I took these off my 2000 LX470 with stock rims. Hankook Dynapro AT/m RF10 285/75R16 E-rated 10 ply tires on LX470 16 Toyota alloy rims. Deep tread. Approx 11/32 tread (13/32 new) I love these tires. Great traction in snow, rain, gravel, loose dirt, moderate mud. I like them so much I...
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