1. starclassic

    Wanted  Looking for 100 series LC/LX near Chicago

    Budget is around $10,000. Stock preferred over built; won't be offroaded much Well maintained/maintenance history/CarFax helpful Relatively rust free 😬? I'm trying to help a friend get into his first Toyota truck! I own a '99 LC myself; I feel like I know what to expect for a 10k budget so no...
  2. shushu

    Winter Prep -2LTE

    Hello Everyone, I'm from Illinois and fresh to diesel land cruisers and ih8mud. I'm starting to gather information regarding winter prep for my turbo diesel (2LTE) LJ78 and was hoping you could steer me in the right direction. I'd like to know more about fuel additives (if needed) , oil, tires...
  3. I

    Wanted  Wanted: FJ40 near Indianapolis, Indiana

    Looking for an FJ40 with in a reasonable drive to Indianapolis, Indiana. 30K$ or less Looking for one to cruise around in and eventually to get into some light off-road.
  4. starclassic

    Builds  Starclassic's 1999 Land Cruiser Build Thread "Bear"

    I purchased my first 100 series on 7/12/18 from a forum member. After a couple years modding a 1997 4Runner and getting my feet wet with wheeling and modding (nothing major here in Chicagoland), we needed a new family vehicle and decided to sell the runner and look for a UZJ100. I'd been lurking...
  5. bulldog8934

    Builds  Chicago 80 Series Fix & Re-build

    Hi everyone! So I was inspired to create a thread that documented the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone (and will continue to go) into my 1995 FZJ80. There has been a lot already and hopefully, this will turn into tears of joy in the future! The backstory: Needed a truck that could haul...
  6. GoISU

    Undercoating Chicagoland

    Hey all, I've got the full kit to spray Fluid Film Undercoating if you're local to Chicago. I do this in my garage behind my house, I am not a full shop or anything. I do this for mod money and I have a real full time job. I will do it while you wait, you can even grab a beer from the garage...
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