ignition problem

  1. hammerheadfistpunch

    Starting problem

    So here is my starting problem 1. sitting overnight or long enough to cool down - cranks but doesn't start (I can sit and crank it as long as I want) 2. turn ignition off then back on it fires up but the tach shows an electronic stumble right at first (revs jumping around too fast to be real...
  2. 7

    96 1FZ-FE won’t stay running, ignition issue

    My 96 80, 1fZ will start but won’t stay running. So last week I had to replace a ruptured heater hose. The one under the intake manifold and above the starter. I didn’t want to remove the intake so I worked underneath. I’m a big guy and struggled immensely to get in there. I removed the starter...
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