1. 2fpower

    honda mc carb repair needed

    Decided to sell my 1995 Honda Shadow 1100 ACE cruiser. American Classic Edition. 3670 miles. Clearly, I have not made time to ride it much. The issue is that it appears that it is only worth about $2k and it currently will not start -- fuel related. I have a new fuel pump and hoses that I...
  2. TwelveGravity

    For Sale [CA] 1997 Honda Civic

    I know this is no TLC but after my recent purchase of my 2001 Tacoma I need to sell my previous commuter. 1997 Honda Civic HX 4 cyl, 5 Speed Manual. 181k Miles, New tires. Tinted windows. Heater, A/C, Power windows, Power door locks. 5 Disc CD changer (Honda original). This car is all original...
  3. arcteryx

    Small generator - Honda or powerhorse

    looking to get a small generator, like an EU2000. I don't mind paying for quality and I know they have this. However, the powerhorse version sold by northerntool is half the price and has excellent reviews. Does anyone have first hand experience with this model?
  4. chap79

    2 Wheels Picture Thread

    To say that motorcycles have been a large part of my life and upbringing would be an understatement, my legal birth name is Harley. Though I've have quite a few HD cycles over the years I really just love being on two wheels. So whether they're yours or just not, let's see them. Below are...
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