hj45 troopy

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    Re-wiring 1980 HJ45

    Hello Im in the process of rewiring my whole HJ because of some unknown electrical issue. If anyone has any advice or tips that would be great. I will probably be posting pictures of the process and problems I run in to.
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    RHD 1980 HJ45 PS Conversion

    Im having trouble finding a PS system that will fit my H engine and is made for RHD. Does anyone know of any companies that has a system for these trucks. Or will I have to find a steering box and everything out of a RHD FJ60. Any info is appreciated.
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    HJ45 Engine Cut Off Switch

    Ive been trying to find out for some time now how the 1985 and older HJ's turned off. I've heard that there is a kill switch on some and others you simply remove the key like modern cars. Which one is it? Any advice or info is welcome.
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