hj 47

  1. Nicholas83

    Oil cooler filter housing line

    Has anyone fitted a newer cartridge oil filter housing to old spinner type housing newer oil cooler has got oil line from top of filter housing relief line I think where to t it into ? I brasses it to same line that feeds from engine block to fuel pump hopefully is fine? Any experience? Ideas
  2. free2surf

    For Sale  1983 Toyota HJ 47 - 2H, Arkana / Australian Import Runs Great & Ready for final Resto

    Hey Mudders, Unfortunately, it is time that I get my 1983 HJ 47 Arkana to a better home. I don’t have much time these days to devote and I know there is someone who does and will love her like we have. She is also starting to get some body rust and while the frame is still perfect, she needs to...
  3. Keekz

    Starter motor conversion

    Hey. Newbie here I have an 83 HJ47 and Ive gone and bought a new starter motor for her. Which means the external relay is surplus to requirements. Is it an easy by pass for the wiring or should I take her into an auto sparky? Having no success with trying to find answers to this one. I...
  4. Paraglider

    SOLD  1981 HJ47 Ute customizable for utility truck or recreation adventures

    If you're looking for a reliable, young in spirit, traveling buddy (rig) that you can customize for any kind of camping and recreation, this might be your thing. Or, if you want to use it more as it is and make it into a utility truck (plumbing, electrical, welding, etc.), that would be easy...
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