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  1. Texas Sun Power

    Help with HID retrofit

    First off. I'm pretty aware I'm probably cutting corners here, but I am attempting to install some HIDs that I bought from eBay on my LX470. I have 2000 LX470 Glass headlamps. I bought H1 HIDs, 35W, easy enough... I found the only way not to rewire the thing and instead plug and play would...
  2. 96TrailSurfer

    HID - Apollo 2.0 Shroud and Rear Halo fit issue

    So on Black Friday I got a D2s Mini 4.0 kit with Apollo 2.0 shroud. According to TRS, a 110 mm halos fits behind the shroud. That’s what I got, but for the life of me can’t fit them all the way inside the shroud, even after filing off the 3 little tabs. I tried to leave it this way, but much...
  3. UZJ100 FOR SALE


  4. P

    just did HID conversion 1975 FJ40

    about a 0.5 banana job on a hard day. maybe 30 minutes to install. Incredible improvement over the stock lights. I already had the separate wire loom that runs directly off the alternator (bypasses most of the stock light wiring) and the halogen bulbs... and the HID lights are no comparison...
  5. tampacruiser95

    Anyone gone with a Kensun xenon HID conversion kit?

    I searched and didn't see anyone mention it. It's reasonably priced on Amazon right now and got good reviews.
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