1. alohamade

    For Sale  FJ40 SOR Grey Vinyl Half Doors

    These doors are in decent shape, I was hoping to get $220 + the ride from Hawaii, I don't think the shipping should be much. But due to the size I would expect at least $40. Send me a PM with your ZIP and I can calculate shipping.
  2. alohamade

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Front PS Wind Wing Window Frame Assembly 1963-1974

    Aloha, I have a Pair of 1963-1974 FJ40 Wind Wing Windows with Handles- Right & Left - $250 for the pair or best Offer + Shipping. PM or comment. I have many photos I can share if you want more photos. I am located in Hawaii so keep that in mind for shipping etc. I am not seasoned in FJ40's...
  3. alohamade

    Wanted  Radiator or Info on where to purchase for 64' fj40

    Aloha, I need a radiator for my 64' fj40 asap I am located in hawaii
  4. liko

    For Sale  71 fj40 liftgate hardware in hawaii_Sold!

    1971 fj40 on big island hardware from liftgate handle is broken, lock cylinder included (no key) still has rustproof coating but some parts have surface rust 40 $ plus shipping usps priority flat rate +/- 20$
  5. F

    Builds  1992 FJ80 Hawaii Build

    Figured I would introduce my rig. I just purchased a 1992 FJ80 with 77,XXX miles on it. It has been a Hawaii vehicle all of its life. From what I can tell there has been little more that oil changes done. The PO did rotor cap/ plugs/wires in Dec. I am a jeep guy but wanted a little something...
  6. KauaiOverlander

    FJ60 Kauai Overlander Build

    Aloha! Just wanted to say hello and share our build. Based on the island of Kauai, we are a small island with big adventures and I hope to share them with you here. We just started our rooftop rental company with a 1998 Toyota 4runner. This FJ60 is our 2nd vehicle and are hoping to have it on...
  7. SuperTrooper808

    For Sale  FJ40 Black Bestop

    FJ40 Bestop in pretty good shape. Windows have pretty solid clarity, the shot of it on the ground is condensation. I'll send out as much of the hardware as I can get off. I am in Hawaii so just been using the bikini top, this has been sitting in the closet for a few months. I will need to get a...
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