1. cruisergear

    Cruiser Gear - Patches/Stickers/Shirts, etc

    Hello fellow Cruiser Heads! We thought it would better to centralize this information so as to not clutter the forum and make it easier for people to find the products. We will use this thread to announce new products from Cruiser Gear. We release a new limited edition patch every month as...
  2. fjdemon

    Aftermarket carb hats that work on a 2F

    Does anyone know what aftermarket carb hats fit a stock 2F carb?
  3. chap79

    Hats, the non-philosophical kind. What do you wear?

    i typically rotate through a few ball caps that I use while working in the garage. But being cooler weather and rain I find myself grabbing the fur felt Stetson for going outside. What do you all wear for work, safety, or casual?
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