1. lechnito

    Installation Guide for ARB Headlight Harness and Hella H1/H4s

    I recently upgraded the headlights and wiring harness on my FJ62 and wanted to document the steps I took in case it helps anyone in the future. This guide applies to those of us who drive four eyed vehicles and FJ60 owners will need to follow a slightly different process. Parts you will need...
  2. T

    For Sale  H1 MTR

    H1 hummer tires and rims for fj. I have 5 37" tires with h1 wheels with great tread left.
  3. SoCal FZJ80

    Hummer  Any Cruiser Owners out there also Own a H1 or HMMWV?

    Was surprised to see we had a Hummer section here on Ih8mud. Curious, anyone out there have an H1 or HMMWV? They are gaining popularity now since the US government decided to retire and release part of the fleet to the general public. Also, in other parts of the world, the 6.5L is a popular swap...
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