1. ScottMilk

    Anyone Make Gullwing Type Side Windows for 40 Series?

    So I was browsing Instagram earlier and saw this on one of those accounts that just post a bunch of camping/scenic photos from who knows who took them And it got me curious as to if that side flip up (I believe are called gullwing windows) is something custom or if this is made by...
  2. RFB

    For Sale  LCP gullwing

    has been installed for 7 months zero issues no damage 300. u pay to ship from 01908 zip 5087188253 richie text only please or DM me.
  3. LandCruiserPhil

    Gullwing Flip up Rear Side Windows for 80/Lx450

    In stock Shipping daily Operators standing by - Meeting the needs of today Adventure Travelers Actual customer installed window below
  4. gofast

    For Sale  NIB YodaTeq Gullwing Driver's side with Molle Panel

    For the 80 series or lx450. Made out of aluminum, black powder coat finish - driver side only. Includes all hardware. Never installed, I don't need this any more. Currently out of production. I'd like to get what I got into it which is $600 USD, shipping is on your dime shipped UPS ground and...
  5. SAM1HDT

    Make your own gull wing windows.

    Hi guys I have rear sliding windows at the moment, but have oppertunity to get some solid windows. I have never seen them before, but i was planning on making gull wings out of them, without the huge cost of buying a kit! Has anyone attempted this before?
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