goose gear

  1. D

    For Sale  Goose Gear LC200 Platform and 40inch Drawer

    Looking to sell my Goose Gear LC200 Platform and 40 inch drawer. I purchased these with a Goose Gear fridge slide, and I only wanted the fridge slide so looking to get rid of the rest as I don't own a 200 series Land Cruiser. I'm willing to ship the platform, I assume it will cost about $50...
  2. Ryan Carroll

    For Sale  WANTED 100 series outback solutions drawers

    Hey guys, Im sure this gets beat to death. Im looking for a set of the outback solution drawers system with roller top. OR a Goose Gear set up. I am in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. PM me if your trying to get rid of a set. Ryan
  3. txoutdoorx4

    For Sale  Brand-new Goose Gear Drawer for 80/100 Series

    Brand-new Goose Gear drawer for 80 or 100 Series Cruiser. Drawer is the width of the cargo area (42" and 36.5" deep), 8" high with 5.5" drawers equal split. Never used and just installed a TrekPak divider system in the right drawer to keep gear organized. Why am I selling? My wife and I are...
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