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  1. A

    Continental TerrainContact and General Grabber ATX Tires on an LC200

    Hello and thanks to everyone for their participation in these forums - they have been very helpful. I bought my first Land Cruiser a few months ago. It is a used all-stock 2014 LC200. This is my first post. My use is 85% in town with the rest being a mix of highway, dirt washboard, and rough...
  2. HundyImHome

    For Sale  5 - 35x12.5x15 General Grabber MT with steel wheels - $750

    I’m selling a barely used set of General Grabber MT’s + 1 Pro Comp (spare). Size is 35x12.5x15. Also 5 matching Pro Comp Steel Wheels. Lug Pattern 6 on 5.5. $800
  3. dubyahard

    General Grabber X3

    So just as I was about to purchase my second set of KO2s I was presented with the chance to buy some General Grabber X3 for essentially 50% off. I am looking for a review of the Grabber X3 on a 5-speed 100 series both on-road and off-road. I’m coming from a 80 series with 295/75R16 and I’m...
  4. Jason hansen

    For Sale  285 75 r16 general grabber at/2

    285 75 r16 General grabber at/2 tires 2 years old 14k miles. Selling because I got bigger tires. Local pickup Moab Utah. $450.00
  5. S

    Trade  5 like 315/75/16 General Grabber AT2

    I have 5 General Grabber AT2s. 4 of them are mounted on Cruiser rims. The 5th has a small hole in the side but is basically brand new and if someone wanted, it could be used as a spare. The other 4 have 95% maybe more tread left. I am looking to trade as these are the only tires I have. I am...
  6. bparker

    For Sale  DFW Four General Grabber Red Letter 31x10.50

    Full set, probably 5000 miles, tons of tread left. Looking for $500 cash or trade for 33x10.50 bfg al terrain or mud terrain with money on my end. Located near DFW
  7. decoco

    For Sale  FS- 5 General Gabber A/T south florid

    Posting this for my cousin in South Florida: 1 set of 5 General Grabber A/T almost new FS 5 General Grabber tires A:T 33-12.5-r17 Not LC specific, but posting it anyway: 5 very mint Jeep Wrangler stock wheels and tires. FS 5 General Grabber tires A:T 33-12.5-r17 Looking at moving this stuff...
  8. krice118

    Builds  Krice Build Thread

    I want to track progress. This is a very slow build as I just Graduated from Ole Miss. I am moving to Denver this fall with a job at an accounting firm. I was driving my grandma's 2005 RAV4 2wd for years and when my sister became 16 my dad started to ask me what I wanted. At first I thought...
  9. krice118

    General Grabber AT2

    I am posting this because I want this to be helpful in the chore of finding new tireS, or in my case your first offroad tire. After 100 miles I love the General Grabber AT2. They are so quiet. Barely noticeable but when you hear them you smile. Excellent in wet conditions. I will be updating...
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