frame swap

  1. bosscruiser

    Wanted  ISO rust free FJ60 frame

    I have a 1984 bj60 that is in need of a new frame, I have temporarily patched over the not so good parts of my truck in the meantime. I’m looking for a fair deal on a rust free Fj60 frame (or bj60 frame if you have an unrusted out one). Hoping to find one for $300-500. I’m located in...
  2. T

    Tubular chassis/frame

    Hi there, I have an 85 fj60 which I have yet to start an overhaul on, it's in pretty rough shape underneath. Has anyone made, considered making or have engineered drawing/plans for a tubular chassis? I have been contemplating fabricating one for my rig for a while now as oppose to patching or...
  3. geohaskett

    FJ40 Frame Swap Questions - 79 frame, 77 tub, 69 body mounts

    I recently came across a nice 1979 FJ40 frame. The VIN stated it was made in 5/1979, however the vehicle was registered as an 1980 rig. My current 1977 FJ40 has a lot of rust in the frame and some ugly welds, etc. I want to swap out the frames and wanted to make sure that this could be done...
  4. mcguirejohnson

    FZJ80 + HJ61= ??

    Well I have exactly a week until finals are done and I can escape back home to spend my break in the shop building what I think is going to be the ultimate 60 series. And I need a break from studying so I decided its time to start a thread to document the madness. I had been pondering finding a...
  5. CruiserWeight

    FJ60 frame swap!

    I know it has been done before, so for those who know about it what needs to be done to make the 80 series frame/chassis work with the 60 series body? I understand that the frame needs to be shortened but by how much and do you take a chunk out from the center or the rear.
  6. Dieselmahnic

    87 hj60 frame swap with 89 fj62 frame help plz

    Hello out there! I have a canadian 1987 hj60 with h55 Sadly frame has rusted beyond the point of no return. Currently have a super nice treated 89 fj62 frame to swap under her and will be starting the project in the next few days. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING FRAME SWAP SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME...
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