1. MaverickFiveO

    Flood lights in Fog Lamp location

    I've been searching on here, but I have not been able to find anything related to this. I would like to drop a pair of spot and flood lights in each side of the bumper where the fog lamps currently are. I know some people have put light bars down there, but I'm hoping to get a mixed pair on...
  2. blbuck12

    Unstable bowl level after rebuild

    So over the holidays I finally got around to rebuilding my stock aisan carb. Followed pinheads videos and the FSM and all was well with the world. Got everything together and it ran great for about a week. Then a piece of dirt/debri made it's way into the carb and plugged up one of the jets...
  3. NYIronPig

    What Flood and/or Spot Lights are on your FJ40?

    Looking to get a set of LED Flood and/or spot lights for my FJ40. Would love to know what people are using, how they like and any pics to show how they look. Also open to buying any that you might have and are not using.
  4. Spike Strip

    Dash Cam Captures Flash Flood

  5. krice118

    For Sale  Rigid Industries 30" Combo dual row bar

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