1. S

    For Sale SF Bay Area: FJZ80 Complete front/rear unlocked axles

    From my ‘97 Lexus LX450, complete front and rear axle assemblies including unlocked differentials and brake assemblies. Pulled out at 256k miles from a California running truck with no leaks or noises. No leaks in the differential or hubs or axle seals. I upgraded to locked axles so selling...
  2. Dustin Messina

    For Sale (2) ARB Roof Racks for 60&80 Touring and Safari

    Selling both of my ARB racks and making the move to Front Runner on the 80 and 60. Both still installed and wouldn’t be removed till there is a buyer. Located in Brandon, not interested in shipping. Rack on 60 is ARB full alloy comes with high lift mount brackets $850. Rack on 80 ARB touring...
  3. tldagent

    1997 Lexus LX450 Aftermarket Power Antenna Wiring

    Recently purchased a replacement aftermarket power antenna that has 3 wires: Red, Green, and Black. My old antenna had an additional two wires on a harness that plugged into the bottom side of the antenna motor. My question is, how do I re-wire this new antenna to work properly? The old main...
  4. CaptainAussum

    Wanted FJ80 '95 - '97 Wiring Harness / Loom

    Hello Mudders.. I am in need of a wiring harness (partial is ok) with transmission + transfer case controllers for a 1996 Land Cruiser. This is for a build I'm currently in the middle of, any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you have. Willing to ship from far and wide...
  5. L

    For Sale FJZ80 3x, 1owner, never off-roader, all stock

    Hello, I have for sale a 1995 Land Cruiser I purchased this from my 50 something neighbor who is the original owner. It was purchased in Ornage county CA and spent a few months on the east coast aside from that it has been in Las Vegas for the past 2 decades. There is no rust. It has a few...
  6. erkelbot

    Wanted 80 series LC -- Near MN

    Howdy folks. Former 4Runner owner (02, 07, 08, 16) turned GX470er (05 -- my current truck), and now looking to go the 80 series route... The trick is, they're damned near impossible to find here. And what you do find is roached out from MN winters and the salt that comes with them... If...
  7. FJZ80 Brian

    craigslist 1994 FZJ80 Land Cruiser (no lockers)(salvage) OC, CA

    Listed on Craigslist in Orange County, California. 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 FJ80 1994 FJZ80 Land Cruiser Salvage Title No Front/Rear Lockers Speedo/ODO not working Approx mileage: 215,000 Otherwise in good condition, recent front axle rebuild and new shocks, 1" spacers (ready for new...
  8. T

    Wanted FJZ80tail light brush guards

    Hello, I’m looking to buy some tail light brush guards for my 95 Land Cruiser. Would appreciate any help! Thanks! Feel free to text or call. Sincerely, Chris 980 229 6209
  9. T

    Wanted Brush Guards for FJZ80

    Hello, I'm looking for some Brush guards (front or back or both). I have a '95. Thanks for any help! Sincerely, Chris
  10. Kolokythi

    For Sale 80-Series parts, accessories and misc for sale.

    Almost done with my LS swap. Lots of stuff for sale. Everything from used, like new to new. Shipping from 94539. Cheers!
  11. Kamran Khan

    For Sale FZJ80 Lexus LX450 Emergency Brake Shoes

    I have got emergency brake aka hand brake aka parking brake shoes set for Lexus LX450. It will fit FJ80 from 1995 to 97. It may fit other years also but please do your own research before buying. Price is 68 Dollars with free expedite shipping to all 50 states. Only paypal trasaction is...
  12. S

    For Sale 1994 FJZ80 Central TX

    $5000 245,050 miles "Beast" has been our family vehicle since 2011, but when our third child was due last summer we decided we needed air conditioning in the back and got a Suburban. We always dreamed of restoring and converting to diesel, but it just isn't where our family is right now. No...
  13. E

    Text from the Seller (97 LX)

    1997 LX w/ 335k miles. The Lexus has it's original drive train. The transmission works great, but the engine is prone to overheating once it reaches about 55. The head gasket was replaced two years ago, and the front brakes as recently as January. The check engine light is on, but had no...
  14. wulffcruiser

    Intermittent Start/ Door Lock issue?

    Hey all. I have a 96 cruiser with 305xxx. The truck has been great except for a intermittent start issue that i can not figure out. When I turn the key I get a little buzz that sounds like it is coming from under the hood on the drivers side, seems to be up close to the windshield. This happens...
  15. Kolokythi

    Wanted lx450 or Land Cruiser (80 series) 1996/1997

    Looking to buy an 1996/1997 lx450 or 1996/1997 Land Cruiser (80 series). Must not be molested No rust to very light rust Must have elockers. Color cannot be black. Cannot have electrical shorts. I already own one and know this car in and out. Budget is 3k-10k. I am in SF area but I can travel...
  16. K

    For Sale FJ80 Ultimate Roof Rack Custom Extruded Aluminum SoCal

    This is the nicest rack I have seen or used. It is custom built for an 80 roof and is approx. 6' x 4'. All aluminum with mostly stainless fasteners, so it has no paint to chip off and it can't ever rust. Has lights on the front that I never wired up since I usually just used the fairing and did...
  17. B

    SOLD 80 Series Manual Cloth Front Seats (From 1991 FJ80)

    This is a pair of front seats that came out of a 91 Land Cruiser. They need cleaning, new padding, new covers, and one of the mounts needs to be welded (or maybe JB welded) back on. I intended to re-cover them and replace my electric seats, but I fixed my electrics. I no longer need them. So...
  18. SoCalCrewser

    FJZ80 Factory Service Manual Reprint

    Just wanted to start off by thanking all of the amazing members for their posts and guidance for the 80 series. I have an LX450 and have heavily relied on the detailed info found here to keep it running in great shape. The quantity and quality of information has saved me so much time and money...
  19. T

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80

    Selling 1997 Land Cruiser. Located in Florida, USA. Southern vehicle most of its life. Very good overall condition for age and mileage. 275K miles (274K now but driven occasionally until sold). Daily driver. Starts and runs extremely reliably. About $12K invested. (Selling for $7K . May consider...
  20. Ddude

    New guy here

    I have been poking around on here for a while now and finally joined. Recently I bought a 1994 lockers :(.... with 315,000 miles on the original engine. Runs like a champ. Interior is in perfect condition. The only thing I have done so far is yank the factory running boards off as...
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