fj80 land cruiser

  1. Kent Phillips

    For Sale  FJ80 LX450 Factory Wheels, Tires, and Caps

    Great shape, came from Portland, Oregon off a 97 LX450 with 125,000 miles. No offroading, no pealing/salt corrosion. No major curb rash on any of them. 265/75/r16 Bridgestone duellers are barely serviceable, but are clean and hold air. I upgraded the wheels to 17's off of a FJ Cruiser and...
  2. jdsegra

    For Sale  NEW FJ80 Land Cruiser Heaven Leather Seat Covers w Seat Heater Option

    NEW front seat set of light brownFJ80 Land Cruiser Heaven Leather Seat Covers w Seat Heater Option. I bought these for a FJ80 that didn't work out for us. These are new still in the shipping box. These are 630 plus 130 shipping if you order through Land Cruiser Heaven.. The seats look like...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  1996 FJ80 Land Cruiser Owners Manual

    SoCal This is not the Field Service Manual. This IS the manual that comes in the car when it is new. It is in very good condition. $28.78 including shipping in USA Pa
  4. B

    1997 FJ80 Land Cruiser OEM Factory Speakers

    I upgraded my 97 to after market speakers and have all 8 working original factory speakers. Rather than throw them out, I figured someone on the board here could use them. Who needs?
  5. Alfredodelo

    For Sale  1996 Toyota Fj80 Land Cruiser

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 196K miles!! Hard to find one under 200K! Great condition with FRONT AND REAR LOCKERS. Engine runs great and has been used for the highway. Leather is in good condition but has signs of wear, I mean this is a 20 year old car. So it is in great condition still. No rust...
  6. A

    Wanted  1991 to 1997 FJ80 Fender Flares

    I am looking for the front 2 fender flares for my 1991 FJ 80. Not to concerned about color just that they are in good condition. I live in Phoenix AZ Thanks Darin
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Driver side door handle interior insert (scoop) Brown $20

    SoCal Xlnt condition - NO cracks or damage. Paypal ok. Shipping $5.95 priority mail Fits ONLY on driver side front or driver side rear door, Same part used 91-97
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